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17 People Who Are Also Looking For A Summer Job

It's OK. You're not the only one reading this post instead of looking for a job. ;) You're in good company — Virgin Mobile.

1. The EMTs that cared more about LOLs than CPR:

2. The waiter that ruined World Cup celebrations for everyone:

3. The children's entertainer who's got it all backwards:

4. The girl who just hates doing stuff:

5. This guy who doesn't want to taco 'bout it:

6. This racist:

7. This Christmas in July Grinch:

8. Anyone who's ever taken a #surgeryselfie:

9. Especially this guy...

10. ...who can't stop...

11. he must be stopped:

12. Timothy Tackett:

13. This guy doing "research":

14. This napper:

15. That napper:

16. This guy who got his Twitter account mixed up:

17. This guy who'll just pick it up later:

Get the job done!