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1 Totally Legitimate Reason Your Crush Hasn't Texted You Back

Nothing burns more than texting your crush and not receiving anything back. Well... almost nothing. Never wonder with Virgin Mobile.

If you finally grew a pair and texted your crush...

CBS / How I Met Your Mother / Via

...but they haven't texted back, leaving you all like...

Columbia Pictures / I Know What You Did Last Summer / Via

...there's only one excuse they could possibly have.

Netflix / House of Cards / Via

1. LITERALLY being on fire.

Don't pull the "I fell asleep" card.

Don't say that you were "out with your friends"...

...and got "too f*cked up."


ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live

The only acceptable excuse for not answering a text... actually having open flames consuming your body.

So if your crush tells you they didn't text back because their phone was in the car...

...or that they left it at a bar...



Pants. On. Fire.

And if they're still playing games after they've put out whatever fire was preventing them from texting you back...

20th Century Fox / Via

Move on honey. Move. On.