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The 10 Best Times Our Customers Misspelled 'Shirt'

We've all done it. It takes one letter to change the meaning of the word, so in case you have the sense of humor of a 9 year old and enjoy this typo as much as we do at Threadless, here are some of our favorite occurrences. These are actual statements from REAL LIFE help tickets. Misspellings collected by Threadstaffer Brianne Hattaway, and all animations created by Threadstaffer Jeff Guerrero.

Threadless 5 years ago

Are You Ready For March Madness?

Threadless is gearing up for the men's college basketball tournament! March Madness is under way and the field is set, so we're dressing up mascots in designs we think they'd love. Who would you like to see win the tournament?

Threadless 5 years ago

Get Abstract! 8 Awesome Threadless Tees That Throw Concept To The Wind

Do you have a thing for the ambiguous, the abstract, the obscure, and the lawless? So did the participants of our recent "Art Without Concept" design challenge, which asked our community to create designs with no order, no direction, and no potential meaning. Today we announced the winning design (see below!), and in celebration, thought we'd share a few of our other fave abstract tees! Check 'em out below, and remember: sometimes, rules are for the birds.

Threadless 5 years ago

Hey, Ya'll - Meet Yourself Some Sweet Threadless Employees!

It's National Employee Day! And you know what? At Threadless, we've got some pretty awesome employees. So, to celebrate, we rounded a few of 'em up and asked 'em some questions! Get to know a bit more about our sweet staff (and their fave Threadless designs!) and then go give your co-workers a hug. And hey, give yourself a hug too while you're at it. This day is for all of us hard-working Benjamin earners.

Threadless 5 years ago

What's Your Favorite Color?

The Threadless Monochromatic design challenge is over and it's time to choose the winner. Help us score designs by checking out submissions below. Start scoring by pickin' your favorite favorite color.

Threadless 5 years ago

Happy "If Pets Had Thumbs Day"

Yup, according to the internet, this is an actual holiday. Can you imagine if your pup could give you a thumbs up before you left for work? Or if they could pick up a hammer to help us with the handy work around the house? Good ol' Spot could even swing a bat and join your softball team! Hey! If pets had thumbs (and an iPhone) they could score designs on the new Threadless app! We put together a list of designs that our pets would dig because we're hanging on (with our opposable digits) to the dream. And if it never happens, you can download the app and vote on these designs on their behalf:

Threadless 5 years ago

Ten Captain America Cosplay Photos We Just Gotta Share

We're releasing three new designs inspired by Captain America today! Here are some of our favorite (and frankly, some of our not so favorite) cosplay pictures of people who took inspiration from the first avenger himself.

Threadless 5 years ago

8 Pets We'd Love To Love For National Love Your Pet Day

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! We’re a big fan of pets over here at Threadless. In fact, some of our most favorite employees are Rosie, Charlie, Gus, and Bandit, who are, respectively, a greyhound, shepherd mix, Corgi and beagle mix, and cute-as-can-be mutt of all sorts of ancestry. They rise to the top ranks of employee status because they do their jobs really well (which is to love us unconditionally and remain irresistibly adorable) and, also, because they work for free. In celebration of this furry friend holiday, we’ve rounded up several tee designs of animals we’d love to join our Threadless office, and the reasons why. So why don’t you paws for a minute and check ‘em out?

Threadless 5 years ago

Let’s Get Teegether! Check out the Threadless Community Heartin’ Each Other.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so let us share with you two things that tug on our heartstrings: first, we love all of the incredible tees created by our amazing community, and second, we love seeing your beautiful faces in said Threadless tees. That’s why we asked you guys to snap some photos of yourself with a loved one rocking your favorite Threadless tees for a chance at a delicious dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. We compiled all of your submitted photos right here, but we wanted to highlight some of our favorites, along with the winner and the runner-up from the challenge.

Threadless 5 years ago

Facts About Abraham Lincoln That You Didn’t Know (Because They’re Not True)

Happy 205th birthday, Honest Abe (you’re looking great)! It’s pretty apparent that our community loves Mr. Lincoln, as he appears in more Threadless designs than any other U.S. President. To celebrate his big day, we did a bit of research and uncovered five completely baseless facts about our 16th President. And by research, we mean we just made all of this stuff up. That’s how you research, right?

Threadless 5 years ago

10 Super Sweet White Tees For National White T-Shirt Day

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you’re wearing anything but a white t-shirt, just go home. If you ARE, in fact, wearing a white t-shirt, give yourself a hug and high-five; you are either unknowingly or knowingly (if it’s the latter, props to you, history buff) celebrating National White T-shirt Day. February 11th marks the end of one of history’s most famous 44-day sit-down strikes by General Motors employees in 1937, and it’s now tradition to wear a white t-shirt to symbolize blue-collar workers’ dignity won. In celebration, we thought we’d share our ten most popular white tees. Ok, so they’re not entirely white, since they have designs on them, but still... they’re white. So whiten up, won’t you?

Threadless 5 years ago

Places We'd Rather Be Over Sochi, Russia

By now, you’ve probably all seen the nightmare that is Sochi’s hotel accommodations. Toilet lids installed upside-down, dead bees in containers of honey, missing door handles on hotel rooms, and yellowed drinking water are just a few of the horror stories that journalists and visitors to Sochi have been broadcasting across social media. As the Olympic’s opening ceremonies commence today, let’s take a look at all the places we’d rather be than in Sochi, Russia.

Threadless 5 years ago

9 Bill Murray GIFS To Warm Your Heart During This Cold Winter

Groundhog day was yesterday and boy did that little rodent disappoint. 6 more frigid weeks of winter, aye? Bah Humbug. Well, as Groundhog day is unofficially Bill Murray Appreciation Day, here are 9 amazing BIll Murray GIFs to warm you up during these chilly next few weeks.

Threadless 5 years ago

Threadless Founder Jake Nickell Reminds Us To "Never Stop Making"

A few years ago, our Founder & CEO Jake Nickell traveled over to Boulder, CO to deliver a pretty darn inspiring Ted Talk. His message? Never stop making. In celebration of “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day”, we figured we’d share it; mainly because we think his presentation is pretty rad (we may be a bit biased…), but also, because, for realz - this is an idea worth spreading. Check out the full presentation below (as well as the video of Jake's actual Ted Talk!). Then, seriously dude - start making.

Threadless 5 years ago

The Story Behind Storytellers

Classic Threadless design Storytellers is full references some of our favorite tales. Can you name them all? Below, we've listed them all, top to bottom, left to right.

Threadless 5 years ago

Disney's Evil Ladies

In celebration of the premiere of the Maleficent movie trailer (Have you seen it? It’s creeeepy!), we wanted to take the time to nod our caps to some of the most evil women in the Disney universe. Whether it’s the clutches of Ursula’s tentacles, a tempting apple from the Wicked Queen, or a curse from Maleficent, the deceiving traps of these wrathful women are something you’d surely prefer to avoid.

Threadless 5 years ago

Resolutions We've Already Broken

We're only one month into 2014 but it seems like a million years ago that we made those hopeful promise to ourselves before we smooched our love ones at midnight. If we're gonna be honest, most of us have already cheated, loosened or straight up gave up on our resolutions.

Threadless 5 years ago

Threadless Picks The Grammys!

Music is a big part of our day at Threadless, and with the Grammy Awards tomorrow we took a poll of our staff for who we think will win the major awards.

Threadless 5 years ago

A-Z Art History

Take a alphabetical trip down art history lane with artists Enkel Dika and Evan Ferstenfeld!

Threadless 6 years ago