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Get Abstract! 8 Awesome Threadless Tees That Throw Concept To The Wind

Do you have a thing for the ambiguous, the abstract, the obscure, and the lawless? So did the participants of our recent "Art Without Concept" design challenge, which asked our community to create designs with no order, no direction, and no potential meaning. Today we announced the winning design (see below!), and in celebration, thought we'd share a few of our other fave abstract tees! Check 'em out below, and remember: sometimes, rules are for the birds.

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"Thunder Power" by R. Tofan Barmalisi

Check out the winning design from our "Art Without Concept" challenge, created by R. Tofan Barmalisi from West Java, Indonesia! To Barmalisi, "art without concept" meant "freedom... [the ability] to draw freely without any limitation." Read more about Barmalisi and his design here!

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