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    Let’s Get Teegether! Check out the Threadless Community Heartin’ Each Other.

    It’s Valentine’s Day, so let us share with you two things that tug on our heartstrings: first, we love all of the incredible tees created by our amazing community, and second, we love seeing your beautiful faces in said Threadless tees. That’s why we asked you guys to snap some photos of yourself with a loved one rocking your favorite Threadless tees for a chance at a delicious dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. We compiled all of your submitted photos right here, but we wanted to highlight some of our favorites, along with the winner and the runner-up from the challenge.

    Just look at these two adorable lovebirds rocking their Lion King tees with pride!

    These two early-risers sported their matching “A Link to the Past” tees for what we’re assuming was a celebration of Abe’s 205th birthday earlier this week.

    This couple made sure to snap a mirror photo in their “It’s Always Midnight Somewhere” tees to prove that they weren’t vampires. We’re still not convinced, though…

    Threadstaffers Jess and Crystal rocking their favorite pizza tees at Threadless HQ. Coworker love!

    Santa hats and “Magic Bacon Ride” tees. This photo was taken at a Christmas bacon party. We don’t know what that is, but we’re pretty upset that we weren’t invited.

    This couple, wearing the “Smoking Gun” and “The Flinger Sunflowers” tees, are the runners-up in the #teegether challenge! Congrats!

    These roomies are our #teegether winners! Looking extra fly in their “All of Time and Space,” “Birds of a Feather,” and “The City That Never Sleeps” gear, these three gals illustrated to us the love of a strong friendship. Way to go, ladies!