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    Ten Captain America Cosplay Photos We Just Gotta Share

    We're releasing three new designs inspired by Captain America today! Here are some of our favorite (and frankly, some of our not so favorite) cosplay pictures of people who took inspiration from the first avenger himself.

    We'll start this list off with a solid costume. Plus, he has the all-American look to go with it.

    Another great costume with amazing detail.

    The action shots are always fun to see. Here's the Capt. giving the Red Skull a good shot to the face.

    Time to show some of the not so great costumes. Don't look so sad dude, your costume isn't that horrible.

    Even superheros need a few minutes for relief.

    If Captain America was the first avenger, then Captain America and the Red Skull were the first frienemies.

    So. Damn. Adorable.

    Another great collab shot with a mini version of Hawkeye.

    This one is for all the male comic geeks out there. Enjoy, fanboys.

    Couldn't pass this one up. This guy screams America. Just... maybe not exactly Captain America.