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    8 Pets We'd Love To Love For National Love Your Pet Day

    Happy National Love Your Pet Day! We’re a big fan of pets over here at Threadless. In fact, some of our most favorite employees are Rosie, Charlie, Gus, and Bandit, who are, respectively, a greyhound, shepherd mix, Corgi and beagle mix, and cute-as-can-be mutt of all sorts of ancestry. They rise to the top ranks of employee status because they do their jobs really well (which is to love us unconditionally and remain irresistibly adorable) and, also, because they work for free. In celebration of this furry friend holiday, we’ve rounded up several tee designs of animals we’d love to join our Threadless office, and the reasons why. So why don’t you paws for a minute and check ‘em out?

    "The Pugly Truth" by David Olenick


    ... because as long as we feed him, he'll love us. And we're good at feeding.

    "Rockat" by Draco


    ... because we heard Rockat offers rides to space on his flying guitar, and we would like to go there.

    "Pocat" by Tobe Fonseca


    ... because we can put him in our pocket, tell him about our hopes, dreams, woes, and sorrows, and he will never, ever judge.

    "Robocat" by Elan Harris


    ... because... protection.

    "Goldfish" by Andy Gonsalves


    ... because undeniable, unbearable, heart-meltingly excruciating cuteness, all found in one little water bowl of joy.

    "I Can Haz Cheeseburger Spaceships?" by Tiffany Ambrose


    ... because we want to haz cheeseburger spaceships, yes please cat pet, yum.

    "Training Day" by Daniel Arzola and Chris Phillips


    ... because pets larger than us can carry us home in a cradle of warmth, love, and affection.

    "The Observer" by Winardi


    ... because wisdom, sophistication, knowledge... awe.