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Hey, Ya'll - Meet Yourself Some Sweet Threadless Employees!

It's National Employee Day! And you know what? At Threadless, we've got some pretty awesome employees. So, to celebrate, we rounded a few of 'em up and asked 'em some questions! Get to know a bit more about our sweet staff (and their fave Threadless designs!) and then go give your co-workers a hug. And hey, give yourself a hug too while you're at it. This day is for all of us hard-working Benjamin earners.

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Meet Lance!

Position: Warehouse Director

Favorite Threadless design: "Preparing the Goblin for Fire" (see below)

Hobbies outside of work: "Hanging with my family, scoring Threadless designs, going to art shows, beer, comics, and videogames."

Meet Jeff!

Position: Artist Relations

Favorite Threadless design: "Judith + Holofernes" (see below)

Hobbies outside of work: "Exploring the Chicago art scene, drawing, and finding the best piece of bacon in Chicago."

Meet Kara!

Position: Partnerships Coordinator

Favorite Threadless design: "Let's Go to Space Camp!" (see below)

Hobbies outside of work: "Books and books and books. Or something that makes me sound super fun."

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