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    The 10 Best Times Our Customers Misspelled 'Shirt'

    We've all done it. It takes one letter to change the meaning of the word, so in case you have the sense of humor of a 9 year old and enjoy this typo as much as we do at Threadless, here are some of our favorite occurrences. These are actual statements from REAL LIFE help tickets. Misspellings collected by Threadstaffer Brianne Hattaway, and all animations created by Threadstaffer Jeff Guerrero.

    10. I ordered a few shits during the Black Friday sale.

    Should probably keep your receipts.

    9. I'm really happy with the quality and design of the shits


    8. I have found that some of the shits I ordered are too large

    I guess size doesn't matter

    7. How do I tell which shits are organic?

    Probably THE most organic

    6. It's been 3 weeks now and I still don't have my shits? I hope they are not lost or anything.

    Follow the trail, my friend.

    5. I have a 10 year old son who loves threadless, where are all your shits for kids older then 8?

    We all dream of the day we outgrow our shits.

    4. Why do you not make all shits in XXXL?

    Supersize me, cap'n.

    3. I love threadless designs and my baby practically grew up in your onesies, but these shits are, quite frankly, crap.

    What's the point of diapers even?

    2. As a big guy, its VERY hard to find shits my size that are as fashionable as yours and especially as creative.

    You go, Glen Coco.

    1. I truly only buy from your company as you have the most awesome designed shits around

    *single tear

    (from the smell burning my eyes)