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    19 Moments From Season 17 Of "Grey's Anatomy" That Emotionally Destroyed Us

    Got any tissues?

    Suffice to say, Season 17 is one of the most harrowing seasons of Grey's Anatomy, which made the creative decision to honestly portray the COVID-19 crisis from the Grey Sloan frontlines.

    As per usual, the show puts Meredith Grey through the wringer. After catching the coronavirus, Meredith spends most of the season in a dream state where she meets the ghosts of her past.

    Between Addison Montgomery and Nick Marsh returning, there's a lot to love about Season 18 right now. However, we need to put some respect on Season 17, an installation that balanced special guest stars, heartbreaking exits, and, of course, a global pandemic.

    To pay homage to Season 17, let's revisit its finest, most emotionally brutal moments.

    1. When Meredith reunites with Derek at the beach:

    Meredith and Derek

    2. When George tells Meredith that people don't just move on:

    George and Meredith

    3. When the doctors make the tough call to put Meredith on the ventilator:

    Meredith Grey

    4. When DeLuca enters Meredith's dreamscape and leaves with his mother:

    DeLuca and his mother

    5. When Derek talks about how Ellis reminds him of Mer:


    6. When Hayes begs for Meredith to come back:

    Hayes and Meredith

    7. When Meredith tells Lexie about her favorite thing:

    Meredith and Lexie

    8. When Winston surprises Maggie with a proposal just when she thinks he's about to leave Seattle:

    Winston proposes to Maggie

    9. When Owen extends an olive branch to Teddy after realizing that he cares about their friendship:


    10. When Winston and Maggie reunite after Winston gets pulled over:

    Maggie and Winston

    11. When Derek and Meredith finally get married:

    Meredith and Derek

    12. When Meredith wakes up:

    Meredith and Zola

    13. When Jackson asks April to move with him to Boston:

    April and Jackson

    14. When Jackson says goodbye to Meredith:

    Jackson and Meredith

    15. When Schmitt asks Helm to move in with him and Jo:

    Helm and Schmitt

    16. When Bailey offers Meredith a job as the residency program director:


    17. When Schmitt chooses Nico:

    Nico and Schmitt

    18. When Jo adopts Luna and moves into Jackson's old apartment:


    19. When Meredith gets her clap-out:


    So yeah, that was a LOT to handle emotionally. Were there any other unforgettable Season 17 moments that we forgot? Let us know below!