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    Guys, Derek Shepherd From "Grey's Anatomy" Was THE WORST, And Here's The Proof

    TBT to when he cheated on literally everyone he ever dated!

    So, I recently started rewatching my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, and I've realized that Derek Shepherd was kind of the WORST! And I've got the proof right here!

    1. Let's start at the very beginning. He literally just left his wife in NYC and went straight to picking up girls at a bar in Seattle.

    2. So, basically from day one Meredith was his rebound girl and she deserved SO MUCH BETTER.

    3. After Meredith tells him that they need to end their relationship because he's her boss, Derek is still persistent.

    4. When Meredith and Derek get together, but Derek holds onto possibly the biggest secret on Grey's Anatomy: HE'S STILL MARRIED. Did he really think Meredith would be okay with this?

    5. When he begins dating Addison again, but can't stand Meredith sleeping with other men and calls her out on it.

    6. When he cheats on Addison YET AGAIN with Meredith because apparently this is a pattern I didn't catch the first time around because I had MerDer blinders on.

    7. When he somehow manages to make Meredith drowning and going through a tough time about him.

    8. Alright and back to his pattern of cheating, he kisses Rose while he's building his and Meredith's dream house because they were "on a break."

    9. Then, he breaks up with Meredith after she calls him out for being untrustworthy, and you know, cheating on her.

    10. Then, he basically uses Rose to make Meredith jealous after he was the one that broke up with her IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    11. When he would basically use his pull as Chief of Neurosurgery to put Meredith on amazing surgeries in hopes of winning her back.

    12. When he finds out his high mortality rate with patients and instead of dealing with it, he decides to hide, get drunk, and hit Meredith's engagement ring into the woods with a baseball bat.

    13. When Derek tells Izzie and Alex that they have to move out of Meredith's house because he's moving in. He doesn't even consult Meredith on this decision.

    14. When he learns that Richard is drinking again and instead of helping his friend, he uses it as the perfect excuse to take Richard's job and become Chief of Surgery.

    15. Whenever Amelia shows up at Seattle Grace, he always treats her like his little sister and a second-rate neurosurgeon, when in reality, she's just as good as him!

    16. When Meredith admittedly does something stupid and messes with Derek's clinical trial, but he gets back at her by not being there for her and Zola. So, they end up losing temporary custody of Zola.

    17. When he tells Meredith that he believes his career is more important than hers. I'm sorry, but who eventually wins a Harper Avery award?!

    18. When he takes out his resentment for giving up a job working for the president on Meredith and their kids. After EVERYTHING they had been through together, that job was apparently more important to him?!

    19. And finally, when he cheats on Meredith YET AGAIN when he lets his assistant in DC kiss him even though he's married.

    Honestly, Meredith Grey is better off without him, there I said it!