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    33 "Grey's Anatomy" Scenes That Will Always Be Emotionally Devastating

    "Everybody in this damn room is her family."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Grey's Anatomy moments are heartbreaking. Here are some of our favorite responses:

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead, including for Season 16!🚨

    1. First, when "John Doe" wrote "007" on Meredith's hand, and she found out that he was actually George.


    "When they finally realized the 'John Doe' from the crash was actually George, my heart stopped! I had to quit watching for a few days just to gain the courage to see him go."


    2. When Derek died after not being properly treated at a hospital.


    "I was literally screaming at the TV when Derek was dying. I have never been so upset and shocked at a TV show in my life. I didn’t know it was going to happen and I couldn’t believe it. I will never watch that episode again."


    3. And then, when Meredith had to explain to Zola and Bailey that Derek was dead.


    "The hardest thing for me to watch was when Meredith was telling Zola and Bailey that Derek died. It was such a real moment."


    4. When Denny died and Alex had to physically lift Izzie out of his hospital bed.


    "I have an entry in my childhood diary from the night this episode aired on TV. All it says is 'I can’t stop crying! DENNY IS DEAD. Nothing will be the same.' I still remember going to bed sobbing that night. I was 11 years old."


    5. When Lexie finally told Mark how she felt but ended up dying a few episodes later.


    "Mark looks like he wants to cry and hold her, but doesn't know what to do. And then, they get in the plane crash and it's too late for their love story. Unrequited love on both their sides."


    6. And then, when Mark finally told Lexie he loved her right before she died.


    "A ton of people think Derek dying was the worst, but Lexie's death did it for me. It still hurts now because she's barely mentioned and Meredith never got a proper goodbye."


    7. When Mark died weeks after everyone was rescued.


    "Mark dying was absolutely heartbreaking, especially when we saw glimpses of his life. I wept through the entire episode, but especially when they showed 'Mark Sloan 1969–2012.' I still couldn't believe it."


    8. When Cristina told Owen what happened in the woods after the plane crash.


    "As soon as Cristina started saying how animals were fighting over Lexie's body, I lost it."


    9. When Adele died during Bailey's wedding, and Richard didn't want to tell her.


    "I cry every time I watch this episode. It's so heartbreaking."


    10. When Cristina and Meredith danced it out one last time before Cristina left Grey Sloan.


    "Everything about Cristina and Meredith's goodbye was heartbreaking. From Cristina's 'He's not the sun, you are' speech to their final dance to 'Where Does the Good Go.' My heart is in knots just thinking about it."


    11. When Bailey comforted a dying little girl all day, then told her dad that she ultimately needed him.


    "Miranda telling the dad how 'she needs her daddy for this part' destroyed me. I've only watched this episode once because it is too painful."


    12. When Samuel heartbreakingly died in April and Jackson's arms.


    "I had suffered two miscarriages the year prior and had complications. This moment really affected me. I cried for days after."


    13. When Dylan blew up after he helped Meredith successfully remove a bomb from a patient.


    "There are so many moments, but the episode where Meredith is in the operating room with the patient with the bomb in him is one of the most heartbreaking episodes. I loved Kyle Chandler in that episode, and it broke my heart when he blew up!"


    14. When all of the women at Grey Sloan lined the hall to usher a sexual assault survivor into surgery.


    "This is a relatively new Grey's episode, but it already makes me bawl every time I think about it."


    15. When Burke broke up with Cristina on their wedding day.


    "It was the hardest I cried throughout the whole series. It hit me so hard because I honestly still believe they were as close to the perfect match for each other as you could get."


    16. And then, when Meredith had to cut Cristina out of her wedding dress.


    "When Meredith hugs Cristina from behind while Cristina breaks down. Ugh, I’ll never forget that moment."


    17. When Bonnie and Tom were impaled during a train accident, and Bonnie died in order to save Tom.


    "This episode happened so early on, but OMG I have never stopped thinking about it. It tore me up."


    18. When Meredith thought Derek died while Cristina was operating on him after he was shot.


    "When the lines went flat on the machine and Meredith broke down, I felt my heart drop to my stomach! I thought Derek was dead forever!"


    19. When Bailey realized the elevators weren't working and Charles was going to die.


    "When Bailey realizes the elevators don't work, melts down, but then gathers herself to comfort Charles as he dies. That moment messed with me."


    20. When Lexie and Mark found Alex after he had been shot in the elevator.


    "I probably cried the most in my life when I watched the episode where the shooting took place at the hospital, but especially when they find Alex in the elevator."


    21. When we learned that Mary died a few weeks after the hospital shooting.


    "I will NEVER get over Grey's killing Mandy Moore's character after all she went through during the hospital shooting."


    22. When Meredith was attacked by a patient and had to have her jaw wired shut.


    "The whole episode where Meredith is attacked by a patient was so brilliantly acted. It was too much, Shonda."


    23. And when Alex reminded Richard that everyone working on Meredith was her family.


    "'The Sound of Silence' broke me, but specifically when they're operating on Meredith and Alex is trying to be brave and reminds Richard that everyone in the operating room is her family. I sob."


    24. When Cristina welcomed George into the "Dead Dads Club."


    "Cristina's speech to George gets me every time."


    25. When Callie and Arizona were getting divorced and fought for custody of Sofia.


    "I definitely bawled my eyes out watching this episode. I will never rewatch it because how could I go through that pain again!"


    26. When Becca, the only survivor of a fatal crash, told Alex her graduation speech while all of her other friends died.


    "When the only survivor had to give a speech as her friends are shown being zipped into body bags, I just started weeping. It was the day their lives were supposed to begin, but instead they ended."


    27. When Cristina found out that the patient she lost was actually Henry.


    "I feel like this is a pretty underrated Grey's moment/episode and it absolutely destroyed me."


    28. When Maggie's mom, Diane, heartbreakingly died from cancer.


    "When Maggie went to open the window and her mother died right behind her back, I started crying my eyes out. I don’t care what anyone says, this is one of the worst Grey's deaths."


    29. When Amelia found out that she had a brain tumor.


    "I think I died a little bit when Amelia found out about her brain tumor."


    30. When Bailey gave this speech about being able to save her patients, but she wasn't able to prevent her miscarriage.


    "This is easily one of Chandra Wilson's best performances in the 16 years she has been on Grey's. I cried so hard watching this for the first time."


    31. When everyone was anxiously waiting for Meredith to wake up after she almost drowned.


    "It just showed how much they all needed each other. I cried so hard."


    32. When Zola was temporarily taken away from Meredith and Derek.


    "Not only was losing Zola hard, but because Meredith and Derek were arguing, they couldn't even console each other. Their family was broken apart and I bawled my eyes out."


    33. And finally, when Meredith thought Ellis was still lucid and told her that she wanted to have a proper chance to get to know each other.


    "Oh my god, when Meredith pours her heart out to Ellis, but then we learn that Ellis isn't lucid anymore SO IT WAS FOR NOTHING."


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