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    This Is The CORRECT Order Of "Grey's Anatomy" Couples From Best To Worst, And I Stand By Every Word

    I said what I said.

    18. George and Izzie

    17. Karev and Ferry Boat Lady

    16. Callie and George

    15. Callie and Erica

    14. Jackson and April / Jackson and Maggie

    13. Richard and Ellis

    12. Cristina and Burke

    11. Karev and Jo

    10. Karev and Izzie

    9. Cristina and Owen

    8. Callie and Arizona

    7. Owen and Amelia

    6. Mark and Lexie

    5. Richard and Adele

    4. Miranda and Ben

    3. Meredith and Derek

    2. Izzie and Denny

    1. Meredith and Cristina