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    This Is The CORRECT Order Of "Grey's Anatomy" Couples From Best To Worst, And I Stand By Every Word

    I said what I said.

    18. George and Izzie


    Love George and Izzie AS FRIENDS!! They had a great and supportive friendship — they were there for each other when they needed each other the most. However, as a couple, they were not it. They didn't have any chemistry and, frankly, their 'ship came outta nowhere. Actually, it came from somewhere: adultery. So, double no for moi.

    17. Karev and Ferry Boat Lady


    Don't get me wrong, ya girl LOVES a scandalous romance, and what's more scandalous than a doctor dating his patient?? But, Karev and Ava, for me, did not fit the bill. For starters, Ava didn't know her true identity for a big part of their courtship? Her and Karev's relationship only started because he was the one who saved her in the Ferry explosion. Noble, yes? Good foundation for a relationship? Ehh, probs not.

    16. Callie and George


    Where do I begin?? This relationship was low-key doomed from the start — they got married after George's dad died. Then, poor Callie, spent the rest of the relationship showing George how much she loved him, and all George could give was a "K, cool." THEN, George cheated on Callie — with Izzie!! (see, rank #18). And, to top it all off, Callie was Callie O'Malley for half a season, which, if you ask me, is the greatest tragedy of all.

    15. Callie and Erica


    Like, don't get me wrong, Callie and Erica's relationship was important because it helped Callie come to terms with her sexuality, buuuuuuuut I just wasn't feelin' it. It felt like more of a pit stop than an end goal for Callie, ya know? Like no tears were shed when Erica walked out of the doors of the then-Seattle Grace Hospital, never to be seen again.

    14. Jackson and April / Jackson and Maggie


    This one is simple — I just want Jackson for myself and I can't see myself supporting him with anyone other than me. Same goes for Jackson and Maggie. That's it, that's the reason.

    13. Richard and Ellis


    This one is hard, because the love there is REAL. They met when they were the underdogs early on in their career and from there their love blossomed. BUT hard for me to 'ship it all the way since their love basically ruined the lives of everyone around them. Still, when Richard went to visit Ellis at her extended care home and got her to finally eat, my heart skipped a beat.

    12. Cristina and Burke


    Has there been a more beautifil looking couple on our screens than Cristina and Preston? Methinks not. But, looks aside, as much as I liked aspects of their relationship, as a whole, I did not approve. I felt like Preston wanted Cristina to be someone she wasn't, so as much as it pained me, I couldn't 100% support them. Their relationship was constantly in a state of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though, the scene when Preston climbs into Cristina's hospital bed to comfort her in that mustard turtleneck...gets me every time.

    11. Karev and Jo


    TBH, I quite like Karev and Jo. They're just not the ONE for me, ya know? Like, I enjoy them together, but theirs was never a plot line I was tuning into "Shonda Thursdays" for. But happy that they eventually found their way to each other.

    10. Karev and Izzie


    Say what you want, but there was love there! If only Izzie/Katherine Heigl would have stayed in Seattle/on the show, then who knows! They started off as enemies and became lovers — my fave romance trope — and their love stood the test of time. They weren't without their faults, though. It seemed like half the time they were pushing each other away, but when they were in sync, it was magic. I want someone to love me like Alex loved Izzie.

    9. Cristina and Owen


    Passion for DAYS!! I know I'm gonna get shit for this, but I liked Owen and Cristina together. There was passion and understanding between them, and, even though they didn't stand the test of time, I'll always have a soft spot for Crowen. Not to mention, when homeboy pulled that icicle out of Cristina?? I was actually aroused.

    8. Callie and Arizona


    When Callie and Arizona were good, they were GOOD. They loved and supported each other and encouraged each others' growth. Arizona helped Callie's dad come to terms with her sexuality and helped Callie becomes the boss lady she was meant to be! Without standing in her way! They did have some rocky times, A.P.C. (after plane crash), but B.P.C.? It was honestly just great seeing these two ladies fall in love.

    7. Owen and Amelia


    Well if you like rollercoasters, then you'll LOVE Owen and Amelia's relationship. They've been through it all — marriage, divorce, addiction relapses, foster children, pregnant ex-lovers. You name it, they've endured it. Even though they cause me constant stress and give me heart palpations, I will continue to root for them 'til Shonda slaps a series finale on the empire that is Grey's Anatomy.

    6. Mark and Lexie


    I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. Talk about BAD TIMING! These two never seemed to sync up, and when they did, it wasn't for very long. But the moments they shared, up until the very end, are the reasons why I believe in a thing called love. Here's hoping their souls found each other in heaven.

    5. Richard and Adele


    Wow, what a story line. Off all the couples on Grey's, Richard and Adele gutted me the most. It was almost poetic to see Adele taking care of Richard at the beginning of the series to Richard then taking care of Adele when she's diagnosed with Alzheimer's later in the series. Yes, Richard's affair with Ellis was forked up and I don't agree with it AT ALL, but post-Ellis, when they worked through all their issues, they shared some amazing moments. All I know is, every time I hear "My Funny Valentine," I weep human tears. Also, Loretta Devine is half of this couple, so of course they're close to the top of my list.

    4. Miranda and Ben


    If you were ever curious about what a functioning relationship looks like, look no further than Miranda and Ben! They push each other, they encourage each other, they LOVE each other. Like, y'all want that Jada and that Will love? I want that Miranda and that Ben love. Sure, they're on a lil' break at the moment, but it's because they know that they'll need to be their best selves in order to survive.

    3. Meredith and Derek


    How many couples have their own score??? Not many!! The Post-it, the house of candles, the ferry boat scrub cap. So many of their moments as a couple will go down in pop culture history. From the moment we met them to the moment Derek was taken from us — still not over that one, Shonda — Mer and Der will always be at the top of my OTP 'ship list.

    2. Izzie and Denny


    Where do I even begin? This is a love story for the AGES. I still don't know what an L-VAD wire does, TBH, but it will forever be a cause of pain for me for the rest of my life. Seeing these two fall in love was such a beautiful sight, and seeing Denny die was one of the first times a character's death on a TV show stayed with me past the end of an episode. Dizzie is one doctor/patient relationship I can get behind. DENNY DUQUETTE, GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.

    1. Meredith and Cristina


    They're each other's person — through distance, through pregnancies, through fights, through boys, nothing will break their sister bond. WHERE DOES THE GOOD GO?? IT GOES WHERE MEREDITH AND CRISTINA GO!

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