"Grey's Anatomy" Just Killed Off A Beloved Character, And I'm Not Okay At All

    "I'll miss you."

    🚨Warning: Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Season 17, Episode 8!🚨

    OK, so, last night, Grey's Anatomy returned to our screens for the Season 17 spring premiere with a crossover event with Station 19, and it was complete chaos from the minute it started.

    It started with Station 19 right where we ended in the winter finale, with Andrew DeLuca and Carina following Opal, the human trafficker from Season 16.

    DeLuca and Carina deciding to follow Opal out of the hospital

    At the end of the Station 19 premiere, DeLuca gets stabbed by a man that bumped into him (probably the man working with Opal) and is rushed to the hospital. The ball dropped there and rolled right into the Grey's Anatomy premiere.

    And just as we think everything is fine after Owen and Teddy perform surgery on DeLuca and announce that he's stable, Grey's Anatomy did what it does best and delivered a shocking plot twist.

    In the last few minutes of the episode, we see DeLuca on the beach that Meredith has been on since the beginning of this season, and right then and there is when I knew something was wrong.

    DeLuca and Meredith sitting on the beach boardwalk together

    Long story short, DeLuca doesn't make it out alive after his second surgery, and we see him run into his late mother's embrace and walk off the beach as an intern called time of death.

    I think it's safe to say that's when everyone's hearts dropped, as we realized yet another fan favorite was dying. Here are some tweets to show just how distraught everyone was about it:


    you telling me meredith finally said i love you to someone after derek and they fucking killed him to i will never get over this #GreysAnatomy

    @DannaLira5 / Via Twitter: @DannaLira5


    I genuinely expected something happy this episode #GreysAnatomy

    @AmelinksAnatomy / Via Twitter: @AmelinksAnatomy



    @reinaNicholee / Via Twitter: @reinaNicholee


    Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt victimized by #GreysAnatomy 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

    @_vanishamistry / Via Twitter: @_vanishamistry


    Me literally every episode of #GreysAnatomy

    @Ross_Swim14 / Via Twitter: @Ross_Swim14


    greys had us wait 3 months JUST for them to come back on bullshit. it’s not even funny anymore.. #GreysAnatomy

    @jotheicon / Via Twitter: @jotheicon


    - if i go back and you won’t.. i’ll miss you. - you’ll be okay, meredith. you will. you’ll be okay. #greysanatomy

    @PAVLSCN / Via Twitter: @PAVLSCN


    did they just kill off deluca when he was literally FINE one episode ago?? #GreysAnatomy

    @llaurentweets / Via Twitter: @llaurentweets


    To the writers of tonight’s episode #GreysAnatomy

    @kswinnn_ / Via Twitter: @kswinnn_


    They really pulled off a Mark Sloan moment #GreysAnatomy #GreysxStation19 #DeLuca

    @tweetsforgreyss / Via Twitter: @tweetsforgreyss


    @sievods / Via Twitter: @sievods


    I'm starting to hate beaches #GreysAnatomy

    @Trev_Man99 / Via Twitter: @Trev_Man99


    Andrew Deluca went from being a character I pretty much ignored to one of my top 2 favs and now he's gone 😭 I'm absolutely heart broken. #GreysAnatomy

    @Mermeliaa / Via Twitter: @Mermeliaa


    “If I go back and you don’t I’ll miss you” #GreysAnatomy

    @stoleurdad / Via Twitter: @stoleurdad


    YOU feel personally victimized by shonda rhimes #GreysAnatomy

    @erin_christman / Via Twitter: @erin_christman


    just thinking about all the people Meredith lost... #GreysAnatomy

    @zari_4 / Via Twitter: @zari_4

    17. And finally, this perfect tweet to describe all of us even after watching this episode.

    #GreysAnatomy Watching DeLuca die, but then seeing Derek in next week’s promo:

    @MyCouchHasADent / Via Twitter: @MyCouchHasADent

    Well, there you have it, folks. See you all next week for more tears! Tell us what you think about Andrew DeLuca's death and what you think will happen next below in the comments!

    Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.