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    37 Underrated Netflix Hidden Gems You Should Already Be Watching

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most underrated things that are currently on Netflix. Here are the must-see results.

    1. Sing Street (2016): This truly underrated musical follows a teen in Dublin in the '80s as he forms a rock band to impress a girl.


    2. Train to Busan (2016): It’s a Korean film about a zombie virus outbreak, and it's got a huuuuuuuge twist ending. If you're into post-apocalyptic stuff, this one's for you.


    3. A Serious Man (2009): One of the most under-appreciated Coen Brothers films, it stars Michael Stuhlbarg (i.e. the dad from Call Me by Your Name) as a professor who is really struggling and seeks guidance from three rabbis. It's painfully funny and relatable.


    4. What Happened to Monday (2017): It's an epic sci-fi movie about seven genetically identical sisters who live in a world with a strict one-child policy. There's a plot twist at the end that will probably make you cry and second-guess everything.


    5. The Way He Looks (2014): In this Brazilian movie, the protagonist is a blind teenager who searches for independence and tries to balance everything after developing feelings for a new male classmate.


    6. Butter (2011): This movie is just as funny as it is random, following a little girl on her journey to win a butter-sculpting contest in Iowa. The cast is insane, featuring stars like Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and even Hugh Jackman.


    7. Circle (2015): Several strangers wake up and find themselves arranged in a circle on a high-tech platform. One by one, they will be killed – it can be random, or they can choose who will be executed. Only one person is allowed to survive.


    8. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015): At just over an hour in length, this can't-miss documentary interviews people who believe things don't bring happiness.


    9. Begin Again (2013): Mark Ruffalo plays a struggling music producer who discovers a new voice (Keira Knightley). This musical rom-com is endearing, star-studded, and a true hidden gem.


    10. Handsome Devil (2016): A coming-of-age movie about two unalike guys in a boarding school who are forced to live together. There's a real warmth to it, and the soundtrack is incredible.

    —Christina Doherty, Facebook

    11. Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats (2014): This hilarious stand-up special from Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti will probably make you pee your pants from laughing so hard. You've been warned.


    12. Moonrise Kingdom (2012): This quirky, coming-of-age Wes Anderson film revolves around two 12-year-olds who fall in love and run away together. Among those searching for the love birds are Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Frances McDormand. Enough said.


    13. Save the Date (2012): Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie star as sisters in this romantic comedy, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.


    14. okja (2017): In the not-to-distant future, Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal play bad guys who try to kidnap and execute a little girl's best friend, a super pig that was unknowingly raised for slaughter. This film might change the way you see this world.


    15. The True Cost (2015): This documentary gives a behind-the-scenes look at the "fast fashion" movement. It's honest, bleak, and truly eye-opening.


    16. Little Evil (2017): In this horror-comedy, Adam Scott plays a newly-married guy who thinks his stepson is a demon, and he ends up in a custody battle with Satan. Yup.


    17. The Imitation Game (2014): Nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, this real-life story follows Alan Turing as he tries to crack German intelligence codes for Britain during World War II. It also focuses on Turing's life as a gay man during that time period.


    18. Adore (2013): This drama is truly wild, revolving around two teenage guys who start dating – and ultimately fall in love with – each other's moms. Even better, Robin Wright and Naomi Watts play the two moms.


    19. Schitt's Creek (2015–present): This was by far the most-suggested TV show people wrote about in the comment section. Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy star as the mom and dad in a formerly filthy-rich family who suddenly lose everything. To make matters worse, they have to move into a motel in a town they previously bought as a joke, aka Schitt's Creek.


    20. Dark (2017–present): Children mysteriously go missing in a small German town in the year 2019, and we soon find out that it isn't the first time this has happened. There's a supernatural element to this, so if you loved Stranger Things you should totally give this other Netflix original series a shot.


    21. Chewing Gum (2015–2017): This British sitcom centers around a woman who grew up in a conservative evangelical household, so as an adult she begins to experiment with sex and drugs. It's cringeworthy and awkward and absolutely hilarious.

    —Kathy Garner, Facebook

    22. Toast of London (2012–2015): It's a ridiculous, hilarious, absurdist British comedy. If you love The IT Crowd, you'll love Matt Berry's performance as Steven Toast, a kicked-around Shakespearean actor in London.


    23. Wentworth (2013–present): This Australian drama follows a woman in prison who was charged with the attempted murder of her husband. Think Orange is the New Black, only less direct comedy.


    24. Somebody Feed Phil (2018–present): This Food Network-meets-Anthony Bourdain series follows Phil Rosenthal (the Everybody Loves Raymond creator) as he goes on a culinary exploration through different countries around the world.


    25. The Five (2016–present): It's a murder-mystery series with a serious Broadchurch vibe. The characters are compelling and the twists are plentiful and after the second episode you'll be hooked.


    26. Cable Girls (2017–present): This period drama takes place in Madrid in the 1920s and follows four women who work as telephone operators. The show wouldn't be complete without murder, sex, lies, and several twists.


    27. Freaks and Geeks (1999–2000): Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's short-lived series about being a high school student in the '80s only lasted one season, but it's regarded as one of the best teen TV shows of all time.


    28. Parenthood (2010–2015): I'll keep this one short: If you like This Is Us, you'll love Parenthood.


    29. She's Gotta Have It (2017–present): Spike Lee and Netflix collaborated to bring back his classic 1986 movie with the same name, this time as a TV series. Hell yes.


    30. 3% (2016–present): This dystopian thriller takes place in the future, where the world's population is split between those living in pure poverty and the 3% who live in a true eden. Everyone is given only one chance to be saved and join the 3%.


    31. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012–present): This on-the-go talk show is hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, where he basically just drives around other famous comedians and drinks coffee for them, all while discussing life, comedy, and the entertainment industry. It's, intriguing, off-the-cuff, and pretty hilarious.


    32. The Get Down (2016–2017): This two-season musical drama takes place in New York City in the '70s. Even better, it was created by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!) and stars Jaden Smith. Need I say more?


    33. Frontier (2016–present): With equal parts action and drama, Jason Momoa plays a half-Cree, half-Irish fur trapper in 18th-century North America. The show is as beautiful as he is.


    34. One Day at a Time (2017–present): This Latino remake of the classic '70s sitcom follows three generations of a Cuban-American family, including a newly single veteran mom, her two children, and her old-school mother, played by EGOT-winner Rita Moreno.


    35. Chelsea Does (2016–present): This humorous and eye-opening documentary series follows comedian Chelsea Handler on her journey to understand how and why people live and experience certain things, whether that involves visiting former plantations in the South or trying ayahuasca in Peru.


    36. Rita (2012–present): This show takes place in Denmark and follows a foul-mouthed teacher with a ton of baggage; she smokes, drinks, and even has sex in the school bathroom with students' dads.


    37. And Mindhunter (2017–present): This based-on-a-true-story crime drama follows two FBI agents in the 1970s as they interview murderers and try to discovery a new breed of criminals: serial killers.


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