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    • courtneyv456564f58

      RITA! I don’t understand why this isn’t more popular. The show is set in Denmark and follows a foul mouthed school teacher with lots of baggage, kids who take care of her more than she takes care of them sometimes. She smokes and drinks and has sex in bathrooms stalls with students dads. I lost it when season four was put up last week and the first thing I thought to do was celebrate with a friend when I realized none of them watch it.  As a teacher, I do not understand their school system but I’m jealous. She gets to wear jeans everyday and the students call her by her first name and she can curse in front of them! I want that!

    • courtneyv456564f58

      I was about 5 or 6 and my older brother who was about 18 took me to see Santa at the mall. When it came to be my turn to sit on Santas lap, I asked him for a dog. My parents wouldn’t get me one so I figured Santa could do it since he is all seeing and all knowing and my behavior was at his mercy. This mother fucker looked at me and said, ‘Santa can’t get you a dog little girl, how about a doll?’ Uh… I got dolls and I barely played with them so I knew right then he couldn’t be real. He didn’t know me AT ALL. Real Santa would’ve understood that the last thing I wanted was a doll. When my brother and I walked back to the car he asked me how my visit with Santa went to which I replied, “I don’t know, I don’t think he’s real. He wouldn’t get me a dog.” I think he still blames himself a little for my loss of innocence.

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