Ranking Every Single Season Of "House" From Worst To Best

    You wanna make things right? Too bad, nothing’s ever right.

    House is one of the best medical dramas ever!

    8. Season 7

    Screenshot from "House"

    7. Season 6

    Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie

    6. Season 8

    Wilson and House

    5. Season 2

    Foreman and House

    4. Season 5

    Hugh Laurie and Crew

    3. Season 3

    Season 3 Opener

    2. Season 1

    House and the Med Crew

    1. Season 4

    House in Season 4

    What do you think? Do you agree, or do you believe one of the seasons ranked was snubbed? Let me know in the comments! And remember: "Everybody lies."