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    • coleomite

      “Mr. Nobody” was my 1st thought… “Okja” – This film should have changed the world… “Wentworth” - This Australian mastery of television/streaming is a must. Compared, obviously to OITNB, it goes deeper and depends a little less on comic relief.  “Charlie Countryman” (also known as “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman”) is…well, it’s a bit of a creeper. Maybe you thought it missable due to some bad reviews spouting some gibberish about bad acting and bad accents (oh, Miss Wood, what was that, Romanian? Aww, isn’t she precious?), However(!), the “critics” may have panned it but I feel (clearly, jeez, why am I still typing?) it is worth a look.  “Ask Me Anything” - This film is a darker look at a teen girls life (twisted and worrisome as well, to be sure). Britt Robertson brings her… “superior feline/haunted/bored” charisma to the character of “Katie” and it’s perfection. But trust me, it’s the “Katie Kampenfelts” of this world writing odd, probably pointless lists JUST like this. Netflix is our escape where we visit lives worse than our own. Which then gives us the courage to keep going… We love these little visions of ourselves, cry a little maybe and then, THEN we can truly appreciate amazing and better known shows like “Parks

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