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    • snuzzle

      There used to be a gentleman who would call and hang up until he got a female worker on the night shift. He would watch adult movies while talking to the female worker about what was on the screen, and what he was doing to himself. Since we were an outsourced call center, we were NOT allowed to hang up under any circumstances, or transfer the customer without getting the customer’s okay first. No matter what. The system could tell if we muted the call, or hung up, and we could be fired for it. So the female worker would have to sit there and listen to this disgusting perv get his rocks off. Then he would call back in the morning and refute the charges, saying he is on a fixed budget, and can’t afford the movies, and anyway he didn’t watch them or order them. He’d keep calling and calling and he racked up hundreds of dollars worth of adult movies each month. His outstanding bills were enormous. There were pages and pages of notes on his account about his behavior.  The worst part was he was getting the senior discount package. This was probably somebody’s grandfather. EW. His behavior finally stopped when he reached me for one of his nightly calls (not for the first time, sadly), and it was selected randomly to be one of my QA calls for the month. I still remember hearing my supervisor’s exclamation of “OH MY GOD!!” from his cubicle across the floor hahaha. I got an automatic 100 on that call. As for the customer, he was forcibly downgraded to basic cable after that.

    • snuzzle

      Maybe there’s a little smoke underneath all that fire, dude? Google “gaslighting,” cause that’s what you’re doing when you insinuate that a woman who has a strong opinion must surely be on her period. She can’t possibly have a valid point, because everyone knows periods make women irrational and crazy and completely invalidate anything they say. Right? I don’t care what your gender is, I don’t care if it was just a joke, it was in poor form.

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