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13 Movie Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

There's no going back after this list.

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2. "Back to the Future":


Why doesn't Marty's mom recognize her son as the guy know...she tried to sleep with years before?! I feel like it would be pretty hard to forget someone who came into your life for a week and completely changed it.

3. "Waterworld":


Despite paper being the most valuable resource, the characters smoke cigarettes, which we can only assume are rolled with paper, the whole movie. Also, if almost the entire Earth is water, why is everyone so damn dirty?


5. "Indiana Jones Raiders and the Raiders of the Lost Ark":

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Indiana Jones is totally unnecessary to the film's events. Without Jones, the Nazis still would have gone to Nepal, they still would have killed Marion, they still would have taken the amulet to the map room, and they still would have found the arc. And you know what? They still would have killed themselves at the end.

7. "Aladdin":


Aladdin's first wish is to be a prince, but he spends most of the movie freaking out about how Jasmine can't marry a prince (despite him just wishing to be one) and whether or not to use his final wish to free the genie or make himself a prince (AGAIN). So, did the genie's magic just not work? What is going on here? What was his first wish for?

Also, why didn't he just let Jasmine use the genie and get more wishes?