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    Which Queer Ships Could Come True?

    Some TV pairings are destined to remain fan fiction, but for some shippers there is hope.

    12. The Doctor and Rory, "Doctor Who"

    11. The Doctor and Captain Jack, "Doctor Who"

    10. Troy and Abed, "Community"

    9. Stiles and Derek, "Teen Wolf"

    8. Shawn and Lassie, "Psych"

    7. Peter and Neal, "White Collar"

    6. John and Sherlock, "Sherlock"

    5. Emma and Regina, "Once Upon a Time"

    4. Maura and Jane, "Rizzoli and Isles"

    3. Dean and Castiel, "Supernatural"

    2. "Once Upon a Time" Sleeping Beauty and Mulan

    1. "Glee" Quinn and Rachel