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    Which Queer Ships Could Come True?

    Some TV pairings are destined to remain fan fiction, but for some shippers there is hope.

    12. The Doctor and Rory, "Doctor Who"

    It was a sad day for The Doctor and Rory shippers everywhere when at the end of last season the two were separated for ever. While most of the ships below would result in nothing more than a few potentially awkward conversations explaining the new romance to friends, these two getting together would create a temporal paradox.

    11. The Doctor and Captain Jack, "Doctor Who"

    Fans who want to see Captain Jack and The Doctor kiss behind the T.A.R.D.I.S seem to be forgetting that, technically, The Doctor is a married time lord. River Song, his bride, is not a woman you want to cross, no matter how cute Jack looks in suspenders.

    10. Troy and Abed, "Community"

    In the great tradition of Corey and Shawn, Troy and Abed are destined to essentially be a couple that doesn't kiss. Their bromance is forever, but it's unlikely it'll ever become anything more.

    9. Stiles and Derek, "Teen Wolf"

    Stiles tucking his wolfy friend into bed isn't unlikely to show up in the scripts not because both characters are straight, or because Stiles has a pretty intense crush on Lydia, it's because if the last season has proved anything it's there's no time for relationships when monsters and hunters are running around killing everyone.

    8. Shawn and Lassie, "Psych"

    Without Lassie rolling his eyes at Shawn, where would the tension be? These two can't get together because their bickering would be missed too much.

    7. Peter and Neal, "White Collar"

    A romance between the two suited main characters would be something to make "White Collar" unique in the sea of other legal dramas on USA, but it's been such a long road to friendship and trust for the cop and the con it seems unlikely they could withstand the weight of a romantic relationship. Plus Mozzie would feel super left out.

    6. John and Sherlock, "Sherlock"

    If Tumblr is your only source of "Sherlock" knowledge you'd think this modern day take on Holmes was already about a gay couple, but John actually spends a lot of time assuring people he's into girls. Making the two best friends lovers would be a big departure from the original Holmes stories the series is based on that seems unlikely. Shippers will just have to hang on to the actors' meaningful looks.

    5. Emma and Regina, "Once Upon a Time"

    While Emma and Regina could unite to create a pretty awesome couple nickname (SwanQueen) at least one of them would have to go through some intense character changes for this ship to make any sense. There just isn't a relationship book that covers how to deal with the fact that your girlfriend wiped your parents' memories, leaving you to grow up an orphan in a world that wasn't your own.

    4. Maura and Jane, "Rizzoli and Isles"

    It's not that the cop and the coroner wouldn't make a pretty cute couple, it's the show's demographic that makes this ship unlikely to be written in. Bottom line, this is a drama your mom watches, and while your mom might be cool enough to keep tuning in if Maura and Jane start stealing kisses over the dead bodies, the network probably won't risk alienating the million moms with two lesbian protagonists.

    3. Dean and Castiel, "Supernatural"

    Looking past any hints that this relationship is going canon in the actual episodes (and there are an endless supply) Destiel will most likely come true, however briefly, just because the writers will fear for their safety from what might be the most rabid group of shippers on the internet.

    2. "Once Upon a Time" Sleeping Beauty and Mulan

    They're going to kiss. It's going to happen. Maybe it'll happen in a dream sequence, but the brave rescuer and the girl she's protecting are going to lock lips at some point.

    1. "Glee" Quinn and Rachel

    After two and a half seasons of bitter rivalry and a kind of sudden friendship, Quinn and Rachel have one of the more stable relationships on "Glee." No couple is off limits in the world of spontaneous song, and it would be kind of interesting to see a pairing that had a half uninterested in pursuing a life on the stage.