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Is "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" The Gayest Music Video Of All Time?

This video is a true gem. I love every second of it.

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The scene: Five guys are on an outdoor basketball court at dusk. They suddenly break into song.

One of them is wearing a choker.

The blonde one is moaning.

Then one of them looks to the sky.

It begins raining. The men have somehow changed into pajamas. Some are shirtless. Everyone is soaking wet.

The other one starts touching his nipples.

Another one of them is wearing sunglasses. It is nighttime.

They do some sort of weird tribal dance routine.

They are absolutely drenched.

Their bodies continue to gyrate.

Hair flips all over the place.

They're literally dancing like "no one is watching."

Except we're watching. We are all watching.

Then BOOM. The beat drops.


Everything gets crazy.

They're in absolute ecstasy.



Pointing their fingers all over the place.

Biting their lips.

One of them might even be jerking off.

What is even going on?!?!?!

Then suddenly they're exhausted.

The blonde one's movements suggest "I can't even take this anymore. Too much stimulation."

The hip gyration slows.

They look around at each other and wonder what the fuck just happened.

/end scene.

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