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    23 Products That'll Help Bring Dead Hair Back To Life

    Time to flip your mane from D: to :D.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment turns straw into silk, à la Rumpelstiltskin — just leave it in for **at least** 10 minutes (some people leave it in for hours!), and let its bond-building technology repair the literal structure of your hair from chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Honey, there's a reason why this stuff is raved about — just look at the photos for proof!

    @olaplex / Via,

    Follow up with your shampoo and conditioner afterwards. It works with all hair types too!

    Promising review: "Wow. I wish I would have taken a before picture. I had severely brittle, bleached hair and terrible split ends. After using this once (kept in hair for about four hours), my hair was noticeably softer, less straw-like at the tips, and my split ends have disappeared. It seems like the Olaplex bonded them together. I heard that every time you use this, your hair just keeps getting better and healthier, and I'm looking forward to it. I plan to use once a week." —ecyphers

    Get it from Amazon for $28. And check out their other products if you want even more reparative goodness: i.e. No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

    Read our full review of Olaplex No. 3 for all the deets!

    2. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner instantly smooths dried-out, frizzy hair and gives it the intense hydration boost it needs, so it looks visibly calmed down post-shower — and did I mention you only need to leave it in for a minute? Give it up for this 60-second wonder, folks!

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    "I have relatively long hair and the thought of adding extra time onto my usual shampoo and conditioner makes my lazy heart tremble, but because I also have damaged, color-treated hair, I can't afford to not give my hair extra TLC. This product only needs A MINUTE to do its thing, thus compromising my laziness and need for intensive repairing. Technically I think it's supposed to replace your conditioner, but I use it as a separate step, since I used a pink-hued conditioner to maintain my color. Whenever I use this, my hair always looks neat, smooth, managed, and feels soft to the touch as soon as I get out of the shower — and now that I'm consistently blow-drying my hair instead of mostly air-drying, I also feel like this helps my hair stay lookin' sleek and less like its typical frizzy mess state after drying." —Sarah Han

    Get it from Amazon for $4.97 (also available in Damaged Hair and Dry Hair varieties).

    3. Verb Hydrating Mask infuses babassu oil and glycerin into your hair for oh-so-touchable softness — especially perpetually dry, damaged hair. Apart from a shower mask, you can also use it in place of your regular conditioner, and it's also safe to sleep in if you need ***extra*** hydration (just cover your hair, of course!).

    Sephora, Verb / Via

    I use this hair mask, and I love it! It leaves my hair feeling extra soft, hydrated, and untangled. Even the texture itself feels nice and creamy, and it's a luxurious experience combing/lathering into my hair. Whenever my hair is extra thirsty and brittle-feeling, this calms down the frizziness and makes my split ends seem a little less crazy.

    Promising review: "I had jet black Asian hair before I went lighter. They bleached my hair at the salon and it changed the texture. It started to get tangled, dry, and unhealthy. I bought this, and after one try, it made my hair soft and healthy again! This does wonders for my hair!!!" —purinacatchow

    Get it from Amazon or Sephora for $16.

    They also have a newly-launched Ghost Hair Mask if you have fine hair and are looking for something a little lighter and easier/faster to wash out!

    4. Not only are Herbal Essences Birch Bark Extract Shampoo and Conditioner sulfate-free (colored hair, rejoice!!), paraben-free, and mineral oil-free for a gentle and smoothing clean, but they're also EWG verified, which means they meet rigorous standards on ingredient selection, transparency and manufacturing, so **you** feel great using it — plus, who doesn't want their hair to smell like ocean mist and florals?

    @herbalessences / Via

    Promising review: "Love this! I’ve been trying several drugstore brand sulfate-free shampoos and have had horrible luck! They all make my hair feel weird and not right. This is the best shampoo and conditioner I've used in a long time! I’ll definitely be buying this regularly." —Jessica Earns

    Get the set from Amazon for $14.99.

    5. Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Deep Repair Mask keeps it sweet and simple with its ingredient list: coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and rosehip seed oil — so you'll finally get the silky, smooth feel that you've been coveting, regardless of how much damage your hair's already endured.

    Promising review: "I finally understand what they mean when they say 'silky smooth' hair. I dye my hair frequently and overall I'm relatively rough to my hair. I've used many products and most just leave an oily residue or are ineffective, but after one use my hair was incredibly soft. This is one of the few products I'll buy again. I usually wet my hair and apply an ample amount 30 minutes before showering." —Sara

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    6. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer fights frizz and heat damage, and conditions your weakened strands so they can be styled to perfection – and best of all, it can be used on damp hair post-showering as a pre-styler (or after a pool dip!) *or* dry hair for a refresh.

    @bumbleandbumble / Via

    It contains a boatload of nourishing oils, including coconut, argan, macadamia nut, sweet almond, and grapeseed. Just don't go overboard with spritzing if your hair is thin and goes limp with too much product!

    Promising review: "I bought this because I was looking for a cure to my frizzy, dry hair — drugstore stuff just wasn't cutting it, and even my Moroccanoil wasn't quite helping. Anyway this stuff is FABULOUS! From the first use it tamed flyaways and stopped frizz. My favorite feature is you can use it on damp OR DRY hair, which is fantastic because I prefer to let my hair air dry and then apply heat protection/spray before flat-ironing it. But I applied this tonight right before going out with wet hair, smoothed my hair into a low bun — when I got home I let it down and it air-dried into these cute, loose waves, and the top is smooth with no frizz in sight! Best product! Totally worth the money for me and will 100% repurchase." —TheInkBee

    Get it from Sephora for $12+ (available in two sizes).

    7. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum is basically a little bottle of hair gold that reviewers swear has been the only thing that's helped their over-processed, fried, and split end–ridden hair look and feel soft and healthy — brb, buying this for my hair RIGHT NOW.


    It contains niacinamide, argan oil, royal jelly extract, rose, and other ingredients that lead to a **visible** difference in the health of your hair.

    Promising review: "So this stuff is pretty incredible. I've tried a lot of expensive salon products and the only thing that came close to restoring my hair was Olaplex. Stress, bad hair genes, and overprocessing left my hair pretty fried — even with regular trims and the occasional 4–6 inch chop, my hair was splitting. By six weeks, I'd have split ends on top of split ends; it was awful. I've been using this serum two times a week for 4–5 months now and my hair looks and feels so healthy now! I haven't gotten a haircut in nearly six months and I've only found a couple strands that are starting to split. That's unheard of for my hair. I've been consistently seeing the same stylist for years and she's noticed a significant difference. Even my husband is floored by the results. I will be buying this again and again." —All The Things

    Get it from Amazon for $8.69. Also comes in a creamier "treatment" formula that I personally use once in a while.

    8. John Freida Wonder Drop Hair Masks give you the nourishing and refreshing boost your hair needs, whether that's taming frizz, undoing breakage, evening out and brightening blonde tones, or breathing life back into your faded color.

    @johnfreidaus / Via

    I've used the Damage Repairing Mask (which has Vitamin E oil in it!) and only needed half a packet to thoroughly coat my long-ish hair, so I'm saving the second half for my next wash — that's like, what, just over $1 per use? My hair felt way softer and smoother after I washed it out than it does with other, pricier masks. I will say the packet design isn't the most resourceful/efficient for daily life, but it's perfect for travel! Definitely bringing Frizz Smoothing with me on my next trip, so I can be prepared for any kind of weather.

    Promising review (for Blonde Brightening): "I have only used it once and it really evened out all the different blonde tones near my roots — after one more use, I'm confident it will be to the level I want. I am not someone who likes to use toners or even most purple shampoos on my bleached blonde hair, because they are just too intense for my hair and scalp. After having tried almost every hair mask packet at Walmart, I have to say that this is the best one so far!" —JandK

    Get them from Walmart for $2.47 each: available in Damage Repairing, Frizz Smoothing, Vibrancy Enhancing, and Blonde Brightening.

    9. Wet Brush Original Detangler magically detangles all hair types, wet *or* dry, with its special ~IntelliFlex bristles~, without — I repeat WITHOUT — painful pulling or tugging. With all of that nonexistent force you're using, you'll experience way less breakage and split ends!! *breathes sigh of relief*

    @thewetbrush / Via Instagram: @, @thewetbrush / Via

    Promising review: "Most people probably think a brush is just a brush. However, if you're like me and have long, often knotty hair, you know not all brushes are created equal. Most brushes induce tears at some point, even with a detangler spray, so it is safe to say I don't look forward to this process after my showers. I ended up with this Wet Brush, and it wins hands down. I don't feel a thing when brushing my hair, when it's wet or dry. I can't even explain how this brush works, but all I know is that it's a miracle. I'm planning to buy two or three more just so I never am without it." —Sara

    Get it from Amazon for $5.34+ (available in 12 colors/patterns).

    Check out our full review of the Wet Brush to find out why this is the best brush for tangled hair of all ages!

    10. Davines OI All in One Milk is an anti-frizz leave-in treatment with a lightweight, milky consistency that'll hydrate your strands and leave them looking shiny and like brand-new — heating and bleaching damage, begone!


    Promising review: "More people should know about this. This is magic in a bottle. I have tried a bunch of fancy (i.e. Kérastase) and cheaper (It's a 10) leave-in products, but this is by far the best. I have long, fine hair and this alleviates my need for conditioner or even a hair mask. Spray on wet hair and it detangles fast and leaves a nice subtle scent. Works in dry hair as well. Love it, and worth the price." —Geller

    Get it from Amazon for $34.

    11. AMH Shampoo (which stands for "Add More Hair") kicks your regular shampoo up a notch by incorporating an exfoliating scalp treatment that gets rid of pore-clogging dead skin cells and dandruff, while toning down sebum production and scalp inflammation — which means an overall healthier scalp, less breakage/hair loss, and fuller hair growth!!

    Soko Glam

    Make sure to take the time to really massage this product in, so the salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione in this bb can reach its full potential and give ya' the shiny, healthy hair of your dreams! But be sure to only use this once a week at most, since you don't want to overexfoliate or overstrip.

    Promising review: "It improved the quality of my hair. My strands used to feel thin and would fall out easily, but now I have observed they feel thicker and my ponytail holders no longer have hairs on them when I pull them out. Each time I shower, there's less hair in the drain too. Now I feel stronger hair whenever I shampoo. Hopefully AMH will have a hair oil product to complete this amazing experience." —Shella

    Get it from Soko Glam for $38.

    12. The John Freida Hot Air Brush dries and styles your hair to utter, frizz-free perfection, so you can boast shiny, fresh hair all day long — call it a luxe salon blowout in the comfort of your own home and minus the big bucks you'd have to spend!

    There are two heat settings, along with a cold setting, for your convenience and the titanium ceramic barrel helps distribute heat evenly, leading to less damage!

    Promising review: "I cannot explain how happy I am after buying this product. I have extremely dry, brittle, bleached hair. I also have curly long hair, which already craves moisture, and then I bleach my hair, so all I've ever known is frizz. I don't have the patience or the skill to do a professional blowout at home — it always comes out a hot, frizzy mess UNTIL this amazing air brush. No joke I have spent thousands and I wish I was exaggerating but all my life I've tried everything including straightening treatments, but nothing would last. This air brush gives me soft, voluminous hair with no frizz, and makes my hair look healthy and normal, not dry or over-processed. Best investment I've ever made." —Valessia

    Get it from Amazon for $33.22+ (available in two sizes).

    Check out a BuzzFeeder's full review of the John Freida Hot Air Brush to find out why they're obsessed with this product!

    13. L'Oréal EverPure Repair and Defend Shampoo and Conditioner taps the healing powers of goji to strengthen your mane from root to end while creating a barrier against color fading caused by water, products, heat damage, and UV rays — plus, it's also sulfate-free! And did we mention the set costs less than $10? What. A. Steal.

    @lorealhair / Via Instagram: @

    Its main ingredient, goji (a super fruit), will help undo the negative effects of coloring and bring your tresses back to their luxuriously smooth state. And it's sulfate-free!

    Promising review: "I love this set of shampoo and conditioner. I dye my hair and it's really fine, so it's always super dry. Because of this, I tried so many shampoos without any good results, but this set makes my hear as soft as silk! I take them wherever I go!" —RoBin

    Get them from Amazon: shampoo for $5.78 and conditioner for $3.53

    14. Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Protein Treatment is a miracle-working hair treatment that might just spin your damaged, hay-like hair into golden locks ready for their hair commercial debut. The health! The body! The silkiness! The secret is in its key players: ceramides and collagen.

    Bek O' Connell / Via

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I saw this as a beauty recommendation on BuzzFeed as a dupe for Opalex (which I had tried and wasn't blown away by) so I thought I would give it a try — and I'm so thankful I did! My bleached and heat damaged hair feels so soft, is more manageable, and looks healthier after each use. I agree with other reviewers that it seems like a big price tag for the size of the bottle, but a little bit does go a long way and it is so worth it. I wish it came in a larger size bottle so I didn't have to reorder so quickly." —Carly S. Whitson

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97.

    And check out our full review of the Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Protein Treatment for more deets!

    15. Kristin Ess The One Signature Hair Water keeps your tresses lookin' soft and frizz-free long after the initial wash — its mist is ~superfine~ and contains the tiniest bit of castor oil to hydrate and smooth over your hair without weighing it down, ever.

    @kristin_ess / Via

    It's perfect for refreshing dried-out hair without having to go through a full-on wash! Since I have colored hair, I definitely stretch out the time in between my washes, so the fact that this is so light and can used on dry hair is the cherry on top! And I love the smell!

    Promising review: "I have products from Kerastase to Ouai, but I keep coming back to this haircare line. I have long, thin, color-treated hair, and this water adds life back into my hair. It makes it more manageable, adds moisture/shine, and I feel it does add some texture — which my hair desperately needs! Some say the smell is too much, but I love it. It fades after a while, so it just leaves a subtle fragrance." —Debs

    Get it from Target for $10.

    16. A little dollop of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask goes a long way — its formula of olive, meadowfoam, and sweet almond extracts penetrate throughout the ~entire~ hair strand (we're talking center, middle, and surface levels!!), so your mane looks healthy from the inside out. Helping undo months of damage in just 3–5 minutes? Sold.


    Promising review: "My hair is long and was looking dried out, with the ends starting to look ratty. My scalp was also itchy from the dry winter weather. I rubbed this into my scalp, then applied it to the rest of my hair, paying careful attention to the ends. I combed it through, then put a shower cap on, and let it soak in for about 15 minutes. My scalp feels so much better and isn't itchy anymore. My hair now looks shiny and healthy, and the ends look so much better. My hair is not weighed down or looking flat, limp, or oily. This conditioner works just as well as the expensive salon deep-conditioning treatments, at a fraction of the price." —Ravenhair

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11.98.

    17. Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Kit is a two-step conditioner replacement that gives your hair cuticles the VIP treatment — Step 1 opens up the hair cuticle for optimal penetration of conditioners and oils, and Step 2 seals the cuticles while locking in nutrition for deep, lasting hydration, while rice proteins strengthen and protect your color.

    @ritahazan / Via

    It's especially designed for color-damaged hair, so you can repair from your hair from the inside out, but it's safe for all hair types, including keratin-treated hair! It's sulfate-, sodium chloride-, and paraben-free!

    Promising review: "Literally after one use I noticed a difference in my hair. The second I rinsed this out, my hair was like instantly detangled and smoothed. And after it dried, it was quite a bit shinier than normal and less frizzy. I have hair almost down to my back, so it is a lot of maintenance and I get a lot of knots. I only wash my hair about twice a week to keep it healthy, and I've began using this just once a week — I've really noticed a difference!" —armacio

    Get it from Amazon or Nordstrom for $42.

    18. Active Wow Hair Restoration Shampoo and Conditioner quite literally helps bring dead (or thinning) strands back to life by repairing damaged follicles, deep-cleaning your scalp in order to stimulate cell growth, and reversing damage caused by chemicals and the sun — all with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, biotin, and organic botanical extracts.

    Promising review: "Omg. Guys this stuff actually works I'm dead serious. I never read reviews but I figured I should and show you guys pictures because I'm so happy with the results. I have been struggling with hair loss since I started undergrad, I'm 23 right now currently in graduate school and I have found each year my hair is getting thinner and thinner and my hairline is receding on the corners. I saw this and read the good reviews. Now I see why the reviews are so amazing. It's been16 days as of today and the results are insane." —christine rosenberg

    Get them from Amazon: shampoo for $24.99 and conditioner for $19.99

    19. DevaCurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask lets you decide the intensity of your mask sesh — depending on how parched your strands are, leave it in for three minutes, 15 minutes, or overnight, and then rinse thoroughly for a deeply-conditioned, silky-soft mane.

    @devacurl / Via

    Matcha green tea butter helps moisturize and seal your hair cuticles!

    Promising review: "So recently I kinda burned some of my hair lighting up a cigarette for a friend (never again!!). It left a small patch of hair really ugly and dry. I tried the Melt into Moisture mask, and ohmahgawdd you can't even tell my hair was in flames just days ago! My curls are nice and soft. The mask is really moisturizing and smells delicious." —Rellyrel

    Get it from Sephora for $36.

    20. HSI Professional Argan Oil Thermal Protector does double duty as a heat-protecting spray and leave-in conditioning serum, so next time you put your hair through a styling session, you'll literally see and feel the difference. Repeat after me, no more fried-looking hair!

    @hsiprofessional / Via,

    Promising review: "I’ve tried a lot of heat protectors and straighteners, but this is the best one yet. It doesn’t make my hair difficult to brush or sticky, like many of them. My hair is so soft and conditioned, and straightens very easily. I don’t even think it’s meant to be a straightening product, but when you have thick curly hair, it still makes the process sooo much easier. I love the fine mist too. I washed and sprayed my hair, then went to bed, and in the morning I finished blow drying (if you have curls, you know they don't dry completely overnight, lol) and flat ironed. Beautiful results! I’ll be reordering for sure." —luckydb16

    Get it from Amazon for $14.88.

    21. OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner leads to extra touchable hair, thanks to its paraben- and sulfate-free formula of coconut oil and vanilla bean extract that helps revive frizzy, coarse, and color-damaged hair — you'll look and smell like you just emerged from a month-long island vacation with inexplicably fabulous hair.


    Promising review (for the conditioner): "I will never use another brand of conditioner. This leaves my hair looking and feeling thicker, and it also almost completely eliminates tangles." —Pamela Gordon

    Get them from Amazon: shampoo for $6.49 and conditioner for $6.74

    22. Keeping damaged hair looking healthy extends to the drying process — so keep your hair wrapped up in an Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel instead of rubbing it senseless with a towel — its special microfiber material wicks water away faster than a towel does (without needing your hands/arms!) and is much gentler on your strands, so you don't end up with very unnecessary frizz and/or breakage.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed / Via, Aquis

    Promising review: "This hair towel is simply a must have if you want to have healthy, undamaged hair. While it doesn't completely dry your hair, it does take out most of the moisture, which shortens the length of time you need to use a blow dryer on your strands [editor's note: or you can let it air dry]. I first use this towel to soak up the moisture from my hair when I get out of the shower, and then put on the Aquis turban and keep getting ready while it is doing its magic! At the end, I just take the turban off and blow dry the hair for a few minutes to dry it completely. I've been using both products for about a month now, and my hair definitely looks a lot healthier already! No more fried-looking hair for me!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in seven colors/patterns).

    Read our full review of the Aquis Hair Towel for all the deets!

    23. SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment is like a protein shake for your hair — it literally contains reconstructive proteins that rebuild and strengthen hair, so they stop breaking at the first sign of trouble (don't you hate when they do that?).


    Promising review: "My curly hair has been very brittle and struggling to curl for a few years now, and I recently saw YouTube videos about protein. This treatment changed the texture of my hair back to fine curls. It completely transformed my hair. I plan to use it every other week and my deep conditioning the weeks in between. I hope they don't stop making it." —Laura7794

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    Need more for your mane? We’ve got the best products for curly hair, solutions for dry or damaged hair, and incredible products for natural hair. Or check out all of our beauty content for even more great stuff for your hair, skin, and more.

    Time to show off your healthy, strong AF tresses:

    YG Entertainment / Via

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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