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    13 Amazing Beauty Products You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

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    1. A complexion-clearing clay mask formulated with 10% sulfur and eucalyptus oil to draw gunk out of your pores and ~keep~ them open and clear.

    2. A makeup brush–cleaning set that’ll make you feel like an artist hard at work.

    3. A nourishing organic leave-in conditioner for totally bouncy and healthy-looking strands with no split ends in sight.

    4. An acne-clearing foaming wash with 10% benzoyl peroxide to clear up your bod at a truly affordable price.

    5. A cult-favorite foot peel that tears apart dead skin in full-fledged flaky glory and then blesses you with baby-soft tootsies two weeks later.

    6. An insanely hydrating tinted lip balm to give your pout a tiny pop of color for a night out on the town (and SPF during the day!).

    7. A sheer, imperfection-blurring facial tint packed with antioxidants to enhance your natural, radiant look.

    8. A weightless, miracle-like leave-in hair treatment to replace multiple products in your post-shower routine (thank god).

    9. A lightweight, natural-looking BB cream to sway even the most devoted foundation wearers.

    10. A flattering, multitasking liquid highlighter that also doubles as bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow because it's a fucking champion.

    11. A light-as-air, confidence-boosting liquid foundation that will make you say, "DAMN, I look so good."

    12. A foolproof black liquid eyeliner that won't slip or budge on you...or throw you into a raging fit that only comes from using runny liners.

    13. An incredibly milky cleansing foam to wash away the day's grime while also brightening the skin (hello, pearl extract!) and boosting hydration levels (hello, seaweed and algae extract!).

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