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Here Are The 15 Best Quizzes From February 2022 So Far

Well, I know what I'm doing for the next three days.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from February 2022 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. I'm Really Curious What Your "Gross Girl" Percentage Is...

2. Tattoo Artists Are Sharing The Overdone Designs People Should Stop Getting, And Points Were Made

3. Millennials And Boomers Are Totally Split On These Design Trends (So I'm Genuinely Curious Which Generation's Aesthetic You Prefer)

Photo one: a bathroom. Photo two: a woman making a claw-hand gesture with the word "Shiplap?"

4. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Would Divorce Your Partner Over These 19 Things

5. 23 Famous People Who Are Apparently "The Worst" Even Though Most People Love Them

6. This In-Depth Personality Test Will Reveal Your Red And Green Flags

7. According To Reddit, These 22 Foods Do NOT Need To Be Refrigerated — Let's See If You Agree

Tomatoes with the words "Put in fridge" and a stick of cut butter with the words "leave out on counter"

8. I’m Not Exactly Psychic, But I Can Still Guess Your Age And Zodiac Sign Based On Your Fried Food Preferences

9. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Think These Celebrity Men Were Hotter In Their 20s Or Now

Side by side of Leo DiCaprio then and now

10. Say "Yuck" Or "Yum" To These International Noodle Dishes, And We'll See How Your Taste Bud Age Compares To Your Real Age

side by side of cacio e pepe and pho

11. It's Obvious What Type Of Men You Attract Based On Your Messy Food Preferences

12. 35 Controversial Opinions Millennials Secretly Have That 2/3 Of People Over Age 29 Would Agree With

13. If You Claim To Speak Spanish, Then Tell Me What These 50 Words And Phrases Mean

14. Sorry, But There's Absolutely Zero Chance You'll Pass This Weird American Stuff Quiz If You Don't Live In The United States

Ants on a log snack with text "What is this called?"

15. Only Someone Who’s Watched “Encanto” More Than Three Times Will Ace This Madrigal Family Tree Trivia Quiz

Side by side of characters from the movie Encanto

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