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Millennials And Boomers Are Totally Split On These Design Trends (So I'm Genuinely Curious Which Generation's Aesthetic You Prefer)

Some of these trends should've stayed in the 80s — but several "modern" ones just make me cringe.

When I was a kid, my parents' house was, in that classic '90s way, loaded with wood accents. Somewhere down the road, wooden accents became "tacky." Now, they're slowly coming back ONCE AGAIN. I say this to point out the fact that when it comes to home design trends, things come and go pretty quickly. (And then they usually come back once more, just when you least expected it.)

Another certainty when it comes to home design? We all have our opinions...and they're usually pretty strong. Those opinions get even stronger when we look at things generationally and factor in the elements we all grew up with — the things that uniquely feel like home to us.

Here's how this is going to work: For every "modern" design trend below, you'll tell me if you're a fan or not — and when you see the "classic" predecessor of each, you can reassess (or not). Ready?