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35 Controversial Opinions Millennials Secretly Have That 2/3 Of People Over Age 29 Would Agree With

Millennials, I think we all agree that Home Alone 2 is better than the original.

1. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride was not a good sequel. Like, it sucked.

Screenshot of Simba, Nala, and two other lions

2. These were the worst music players ever:

HitClips on a table

3. Furbies were more creepy than cool. They are dark-sided.

Two Furbies standing next to each other

4. Angelica was the best thing about Rugrats.

Angelica from Rugrats folding her arms and holding her Cynthia doll

5. Also, Doug was better than Rugrats.

Doug, Skeeter, and Patti Mayonnaise

6. And Hey Arnold! was the best Nick Toon, period.

7. Snapple tasted better when it came in glass bottles.

glass snapple bottles in a store fridge

8. Pizza rolls are WAY better than pizza bagels.

A box of pizza rolls

9. And French bread pizza is better than both pizza rolls and pizza bagels.

Box of Red Baron French Bread pizza

10. Batman & Robin gets way too much hate! It's actually a really fun movie.

Batman & Robin movie poster

11. Gak was not that fun to play with, and it got gross after like two plays.

Screenshot of Gak products from the commercial for it

12. Robot animals were actually pretty boring. They did nothing!

A silver robot dog

13. Face was not cute. Face was actually terrifying.

Pink face from Nickelodeon with the word "Face" over it

14. Purple ketchup tasted exactly the same as regular ketchup.

Bottle of Heinz EZ Squirt Funky Purple Ketchup

15. Animaniacs was better than Tiny Toon Adventures.

Pinky and the Brain and the Three Animaniacs

16. The real fun in playing The Sims was designing the house and the characters; the rest was boring.

Screenshot of the kitchen on fire with three Sims screaming

17. These are gross:

Wax bottle candy

18. Ross and Rachel were exhausting and truly never needed to get back together.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Greene and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller hugging in promo pic

19. The Spice Girls are more iconic than the Beatles.

Spice Girls in photo from Spice World poster