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Dog vs Vacuum

Could this adorable dog take out this cordless vacuum? Contender are you ready? Brought to you by Samsung POWERstick PRO.

5 Hacks That'll Take Your Vacuum Game To The Next Level

Freshen up your clean routine with these 5 life-changing vacuum hacks, brought to you by Samsung POWERstick PRO.

Meet The Insta-Famous Aussie Bloke Giving A New Face To Urban Farming

Growing a business, organic produce, and a social media following ain’t easy. Find out how Farmer Govey lives an unconfined life, powered by the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

What You Learn Exploring Australia In A Van

BuzzFeed and Samsung are teaming up to introduce you to amazing people living unconfined lives. Powered by the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

11 Times Your Phone Battery Has Betrayed You

You're just trying to live. But your current phone battery has other ideas, like dying just when you need it. Samsung Galaxy S7's battery just wants to make sure you get the most out of it.

10 Of The Best Dimly Lit Bars That Are Really Hard To Take Photos In

Own the night with Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge's camera, letting you take the best photos when things get darker.

11 Technology Phases We Thought Would Last Forever

It's a lot easier to let go of things and move on than you think. Take, for example, all these things we thought would last forever...

11 Signs You Might Need To Let Go Of Something

It's tough to let go of an old phone, but sometimes it's for the better.

12 Things People Who've Let Go Of Something Will Understand

Grudges, crappy boyfriends, and even old phones – it feels good to let go.

14 Fashion Fails You Should Try To Avoid

If you ever were guilty of one of these faux pas, hopefully the incident wasn't photographed. Keep up with style and fashion on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The Best 12 Animal Photobombs Of The Modern Era

These animals simply do not care if they're ruining your shot or interrupting your view. For guaranteed uninterrupted viewing of your main screen, turn to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

12 Animals Who Are Ready For Technology

Let's face it: Technology makes all of our lives better. And with features for every facet of life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung technology at its finest.

12 Signs You’re A King Or Queen Of Multitasking

Here's to those who love a complicated life. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an ideal companion for aspiring and master multitaskers alike.

12 Times You Definitely Don't Want To Run Out Of Battery

It always happens at the worst time. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 4's Ultra Power Saving Mode shuts down unnecessary features to help keep your phone going when you need it the most.