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    28 Hair Products That May Make You Think, "Where Have You Been All My Life?"

    I personally just decided that I need all of these right now.

    1. A Revlon hot air brush for magically transforming wet, frizzy, untamed hair into looking like it just left the salon.

    2. A hair serum that will be a total lifesaver for those looking for a solution for their frizzy hair.

    3. A curl cream gel that'll help you get more defined-looking curls, rather than a frizzy, greasy mess.

    4. A pack of curly/wavy clip-on hair extensions for the easiest and most inexpensive way to add some volume and length to your locks.

    5. Traceless hair ties that'll allow you to freely put your hair up as often as your heart desires without worry of pulling hairs when you take the tie out!

    6. A collagen hair protein treatment to help reverse damaged hair from things like heat, sun, and coloring, just to name a few. Because we want you to be able to do all the cool, experimental things with your hair that your heart desires without worrying about the risks!

    7. Neutrogena's Anti-Residue Shampoo that's gentle and non-irritating on your scalp, but tough when it comes to fighting yucky residue left behind from your other hair products!

    8. A texture definition cream to help hold your beautiful head of curly hair in place all day and gives them just the right amount of bounce and shine.

    9. An anti-thinning shampoo that more than 6.7K five-star reviewers claim has helped them with preventing hair loss.

    10. A bottle of dandruff shampoo, because you deal with enough flaky people in your life, there's no reason you should have to deal with a flaky scalp, too.

    11. A microfiber hair towel to help cut down blow drying time, while also helping to keep frizzy hair at bay.

    12. Twist flex rods so you can add these to your hair before going to sleep at night, and wake up with perfect curls once you take them out!

    13. A shampoo that prevents your cool bleached hair from turning yellow, and costs way less than going back to the salon.

    14. A hair finishing stick for putting fussy, fly away hairs in their rightful place — neatly styled with the rest of your hair, of course!

    15. An orange vanilla conditioning detangling spray to make brushing through knotty hair less painful. Plus, it smells super yummy!

    16. A blow-dryer diffuser attachment featuring drying vents and a 360 degree airflow to evenly diffuse curls and maximize your hair's volume.

    17. An argan oil hair mask you can use about once a week to prevent things like heat from styling tools and coloring from making your hair look damaged or too dry.

    18. A flat iron so wonderful, reviewers boast that it's even great for those with thick, frizzy, or coarse hair. As a member of the naturally frizzy hair club myself, I know the struggle of finding an effective flat iron too well.

    19. A 5-in-1 styling cream to trick people into thinking you get your hair professionally done each morning. Extra perfect to get you through the hottest days of the summer in August, but honestly, is perfect to just use year-round, too!

    20. A blow-dry accelerator spray that'll ACTUALLY help reduce drying time. Who wants to have to sit around and wait for their hair to dry just so they can continue styling it? Not me! Who wants to have to sit around and wait for their hair to dry just so they can walk outside the house without their mother telling them the old folklore that they'll get sick with a wet head? Again, NOT ME!

    21. A hair-lightening spray to brighten up hair by TWO shades! Long gone are the days of spending hours in the sun to lighten it up or worse...spending money at the salon.

    22. A biotin shampoo that contains rosemary essential oil to help support hair growth and thickening, as well as tea tree oil to help fight dandruff.

    23. A natural color glaze to aid in improving the shine and gloss of brunette hair. I won't tell anyone that you did this in the comfort of your own bathroom with a product you bought off Amazon if you don't.

    24. A curling bar that, with the push of a button, will literally vibrate when time is up each time you wrap a strand of hair around it to curl. Because counting seconds yourself? That's sooo 15 seconds ago.

    25. A scalp shampoo brush – it not only aids in giving you a deeper clean when shampooing your hair, but relaxes your scalp, which ends up helping to reduce stress.

    26. A detangling brush that claims to works better at gliding through knotty hair easily and efficiently.

    27. A coconut oil hair mask infused with shea butter to help promote healthy hair growth, and assist in repairing split ends, all while being sulfate-free and ideal for use on a variety of hair types — color-treated, frizzy, and curly.

    28. An all-natural dry shampoo that's scented with lavender oil, so we won't tell anyone it's been days upon days since you last washed your hair, if you don't. Deal?

    29. Clip-on hair bangs to test out your dream hairstyle, without having to actually commit.

    30. Satin pillowcases that'll help prevent your hair from getting super frizzy while you sleep, while helping to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. Not to mention, they just look super fancy.

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