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People Are Sharing Past Halloween Costumes They're Proudest Of And It's Festive AF

This post is also perfect if you need a last-minute idea!

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On Thursday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to tweet out their best Halloween costume ever, using the hashtag "#ExtraMostBestestCOSTUME." Here are some of the best submissions!

3. Lego People:

#ExtraMostBestestCOSTUME #Lego people at our friend’s #Halloween party. 🎃


5. Gordon Ramsay and Fargo:

My kid as Steve Buscemi in "Fargo" last year; my other kid as Gordon Ramsey 3 years ago. #ExtraMostBestestCOSTUME…

7. This scary AF Ronald McDonald costume:

This Clown costume. #ExtraMostBestestCOSTUME


13. Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad:

Me and the Mrs. serving up our best meth in 2013 #ExtraMostBestestCOSTUME