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11 Times Celebs Got Caught Cheating And Couldn't Deny It Because There Were Pics And Screenshots

The pics and screenshots never lie...

Celebs have been in the news recently for one thing in particular — cheating. And sometimes, the proof is undeniable because of screenshots or literal photographic evidence.

Here are 11 celebs, starting with the most recent and obvious cases, who were caught red-handed cheating on their partners — physically or emotionally:

1. Ned Fulmer of The Try Guys was allegedly caught cheating on his wife.

2. Adam Levine broke the internet when his alleged leaked DMs were posted by Sumner Stroh.

Screenshot of Adam Levine's DMs

3. Justin Timberlake was caught being handsy with his Palmer costar Alisha Wainwright:

Alisha Wainwright with her hand on Justin Timberlake's knee

4. Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders:

Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart

5. Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloé Kardashian at a hookah lounge in 2018:

Screenshots from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

6. Kevin Hart was caught cheating on Eniko after she was sent a video of him with another woman:

Eniko crying

7. Offset — husband of Cardi B — slid into Tekashi 69's ex's DMs.

Screenshot of DMs

8. Dominic West was accused of cheating on his wife with Lily James after infamous scooter pics surfaced:

Closeup of Dominic West

9. Robin Thicke was caught cheating on his wife Paula Patton after a fan posted this picture:

Robin Thicke with his hand on a fan's backside

10. In 2012, Jason Aldean was caught cheating on his first wife, Jessica Ussery, with his now-wife Brittany Kerr.

Jason Aldean onstage

And lastly:

11. Katharine McPhee was caught cheating on her husband Nick Cokas in 2013 with Smash director Michael Morris:

Katharine McPhee and Michael Morris

Did we miss any? Let me know in the comments below!