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    On Top Of All The Other Drama Surrounding Them, Now Lily James And Dominic West Might Get Fined For Riding On A Scooter Together

    This story just took a turn.

    If you are following the ~situation~ unfolding between Dominic West, Lily James, and Dominic's wife, then you might think, "Whew, they have enough on their hands. Absolutely nothing else can happen that would make this crazier."

    Somebody hang Dominic West's handwritten note in the Smithsonian where it belongs

    But you'd be wrong. Because it turns out that, other than Dominic being caught all lovey dovey with Lily James and then setting up a small press conference to prove to everyone that his marriage with his wife is strong, including writing a handwritten letter stating so, and then Lily having to do press rounds for her new movie while pretending that none of this is happening...they might also get fined for RIDING ON A SCOOTER TOGETHER.

    Here's the deal. Lily and Dominic were in Italy together. And right now in Italy, there are COVID rules in place that prohibit two people from sharing the same scooter.

    But, in the pictures that originally came out of Dominic and Lily together, they were very much sharing a scooter all over the streets of Italia!!

    And according to the Sun, the local councillor, Stefano Marin, has seen the pics and is displeased! He said, “The law is quite clear — riding tandem on an e-scooter is forbidden."

    And then he was like, “Now we have been made aware of this, we shall be investigating. The law is equal for all."

    I'm not sure what the investigation will entail, but if they are found guilty of scootering together, they could be fined 200 euros.

    I wish everyone involved peace and love. You can't make this shit up!!!