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The 29 Most Important Twerking Moments Of 2013

A year defined by America's new favorite butt dance.

1. The twerking in Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop."

2. The 33 high school students who were suspended for twerking at school.

3. And the kids who weren't suspended, like this kid twerking in geometry class.

4. Or these girls twerking in chem lab.

5. And all the unfortunate high school students that couldn't twerk at prom.

6. Also, there was the girl who was publicly shamed by her mother for twerking at the school dance.

7. John Mangum, the twerking catcher for North Carolina State's baseball team.

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8. Demi Lovato's brave stand against the onslaught of twerking.

9. And that time even Ellen DeGeneres learned to twerk.

10. This twerking turkey.

11. This twerking Miley Cyrus turkey.

12. Also, Miley Cyrus twerking on famous paintings.

13. This buff guy twerking pensively in his bathroom.

14. These very confused old people trying to understand what twerking is.

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15. And this girl actually twerking on an old person.

16. Big Freedia setting the twerking world record.

Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed
Mike Hayes/BuzzFeed

17. These two girls twerking on subway tracks.

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18. And Rihanna’s video for “Pour It Up."

19. This woman twerking in a Panera Bread.

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20. Also, this girl twerking in the pews at church.

21. Patrick Star being twerked on.

22. And "The Most Epic Twerk Fail of All Time."

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23. And, of course, the reveal.

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24. The U.K.'s first Twerking Championship.

25. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus' song "Twerk."

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26. Oh, and whatever this is.

27. This twerking cat.

28. This twerking corgi.

29. And perhaps the most important twerk of all...