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18 Dance Moves We Learned In 2013

Hint: It was the year of the twerk.

26 Things That Defined Music In 2013

From Yeezus to "Yoncé," this is what made this year a very odd and exciting time for pop music.

22 Of The Most Heart-Melting Love Songs From 2013

Swooooon. It was a good year for Miguel.

16 Hits From 2013 You Wish You Could Never Hear Again

But let's face it, so long as there are weddings, school dances, and Bar Mitzvahs, we will never escape "Blurred Lines."

15 Reasons 2013 Was A New Golden Age For Punk

If 1991 was the year punk broke, 2013 was the year it was completely demolished.

17 Of The Most Unforgettable Cover Versions Of 2013

Not saying these are BETTER than the originals, but maybe some of them are?

23 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Lyrics From 2013

Gee, what rhymes with hug me... I dunno, man.

26 Reasons Country Music Was Great In 2013

Country music in 2013 was dominated by female artists, partying and liberal politics. Yes, you read that right.

21 Times Drake Made New Friends In 2013

Drake basically spent the entire year breaking his "No New Friends" vow on Instragram. SMH

The 32 Best Rap Albums Of 2013

From Kanye's epic Yeezus to A$AP Ferg's bizarro Trap Lord and the return of M.I.A., there was a lot to love this past year.

13 Magnificent Metal Records That Ruled 2013

Thought metal was inaccessible? Think again.

20 Songs From Around The World That You Might Have Missed In 2013

English-speaking countries don't have a monopoly on great music. Sample some amazing tunes from Chile, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brazil, Angola, and more.

12 Brazilian Songs From 2013 That You Need To Hear

Here are the hits that made it big this year. Go ahead, have a listen!

14 Books From 2013 Every Music Lover Should Read

Here's your ultimate reading list for the finest music-related memoirs, history books, and critical works of the year.

24 Reasons To Love Folk Music In 2013

Here's the best folk music of this year from seasoned guitar virtuosos to fierce female singer-songwriters.

9 Songs That Blatantly Ripped Off Other Songs In 2013

Just try to keep in mind that talent borrows, and genius steals.

24 Of The Most Brilliant Music Videos From 2013

Here are some of the year's most memorable videos that were not "Blurred Lines" or parodies of "Blurred Lines."

23 Ways Music Made You Feel Old In 2013

Miley Cyrus is only 21. TWENTY-ONE.

15 Times K-Pop Quietly Owned The World In 2013

And headed straight for global domination, 2014.

The Goofiest Misheard Lyrics Of 2013

I came in like a raaainbooow...

31 Excellent Records You Might Have Missed In 2013

It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything that comes out, but you should try — or revisit — these fantastic albums.

Kelly Rowland Was The Most Flawless Human Of 2013

From the Super Bowl to "Kisses Down Low," queen Kelly reigned supreme.

35 Reasons Why R&B Had The Best Year Ever

From body-rolling slow jams to funky soul tunes, to chill electro-pop, R&B in 2013 had a little something for everybody.

25 Pop Records That Made Everyone's Life Better In 2013

Here are the year's catchiest, most addictive tunes from both pop's biggest icons and the superstars of tomorrow.

23 Amazing Rock Records From 2013 That Everyone Should Hear

Guitars are still awesome. Here's why.

The First End-Of-The-Year Mashup Of 2013 Is Here And It's Pretty Darn Great

Why listen to one song when you can listen to 68 of them mashed together?

13 Electronic Music Albums From 2013 That You Need To Hear

All of the best glitchy beats and ambient sounds that 2013 had to offer.

19 Times R. Kelly Stole The Show In 2013

Robert Kelly put that toot toot, beep beep right back into 2013.

The 29 Most Important Twerking Moments Of 2013

A year defined by America's new favorite butt dance.

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