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The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2014

Let's toss this year in the garbage, light the can on fire, and put the ashes in a rocket to outer space. WARNING: This post is absolutely NSFW.

1. This guy vomiting while he poops in a urinal at a Nets game.

2. This dad's Facebook comment.

3. This Sonic the Hedgehog inflation simulator.

4. This imagination of what Aladdin looks like under those pants.

5. This redditor's girlfriend who won't stop saying memes during sex.

6. These brony tributes to Joan Rivers and Robin Williams.

7. This guy having sex with a My Little Pony stuffed animal.

8. This guy having sex with a Cornish game hen.

9. The teen who fucked a Hot Pocket on Vine.

10. This guy's thumb that looks like a penis.

11. This picture of two ears.

12. This GamerGate song parody of Bob Dylan's "The Times, They Are A-Changin'"


Sample lyrics:

Gather ‘round gamers, because you’ve been called
Fight the ones who claimed you dead
Pushed you against a wall, and left you no choice but to give it your all
If your games to you are worth savin’
Then you better start emailing or you’ll fail at it all
For the games, they just aren’t changing.

13. The guy on 4chan who claimed he drugged and then had sex with a mountain lion.

14. The asymmetrical man-thong.

“@stevepena1: Can we all agree. These never look cute. - Bobby Cole Norris in Marbella ” I’m so embarrassed for them

15. This Vine of a man making his own Doritos Mountain Dew.


16. This GIF of Tom Cruise with an anus for a mouth.

17. This GIF of Queen Elizabeth with anal sex for a mouth.

18. The kid who dumped his girlfriend using memes.

19. This Naruto tattoo.

20. This guy's hand.

21. The Harry Styles vomit memorial.

Directioners Create An Actual Shrine For Harry Styles' Freeway Vomit - http://t.co/uDTdSfk7NV

22. Erotic Ebola fan art.

23. This video of a man playing the Adventure Time theme song on ukulele and then vomiting.

View this video on YouTube


24. Whatever this is.

25. This tattoo of a woman having sex with a horse that's having sex with a woman.

26. This Subway ad.

27. The agony and ecstasy of Alex from Target.

28. The Reddit AMA from the guy with two penises.

29. This dude's face.

30. This remix of the Shovel Girl vine.


31. This US Airways tweet.

32. This guy who only has one song on his iTunes and it's Linkin Park's "In the End" and he's listened to it 64,695 times.

33. The girl who got a vagina tattoo of the Broom Broom meme.

34. The guy who wears high heels on his dick.

35. This snapchat of a guy who brought his My Little Pony stuffed animal to class.

36. This photo of a man pissing into his own mouth at a Trash Talk concert.

37. This sexy anime babe 9/11 fan art.

38. This tweet about an imaginative version of 9/11.

39. This Quora user who is contemplating giving up his daughter because she is deaf in one ear.

40. This guy's ear infection.

41. This wedding announcement.

42. This attachment that lets you have sex with your iPad.

43. The noises from this woman's demonstrations of the grapefruit blow job technique.

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44. The after sex selfie trend.

45. This girl's relationship.

46. This lady's dance.


47. This guinea pig otherkin who is concerned that Halloween appropriates otherkins.

48. This woman who married a bunch of cut-outs of One Direction.

49. The uncle of this baby and owner of this Japanese body pillow.

50. And the brony who accidentally boiled Rainbow Dash inside a jar of his own cum by leaving it on his radiator.

Thanks also to Josh Fjelstad. If you want more gross stuff year-round, you can follow our bad Tumblr for this junk, Worst Things On The Internet.

We're so sorry.

—Josh, Ryan, Cates, Katie