This Teenager Just Gained 30,000 Followers On Twitter After Dumping His Cheating Girlfriend Using Memes

Meet Twitter’s new folk hero.

1. This is Kane Zipperman. He’s a 17-year-old from Georgia, and apparently, he recently discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him.

ID: 3084703

2. So he allegedly broke up with her via text and posted it to his Twitter account. The tweet went insanely viral: It’s currently been retweeted almost 75,000 times.

ID: 3084662

3. Here’s a bigger version of it:

ID: 3084705

4. Kane’s been written about all over the place, he’s even being interviewed on HLN Friday.

ID: 3084667

5. And he seems to be pretty psyched about his newfound fame.

ID: 3084663

Everyone's been asking for a picture of my Ex, so here she is...

— Bobby Light (@KaneZipperman)
ID: 3084664

I love how my name has turned into a verb. People are "Kane Zipperman'ing" their ex's

— Bobby Light (@KaneZipperman)
ID: 3084696

8. Maybe a little too psyched…

I'm pretty much the Martin Luther King for people who have been cheated on.

— Bobby Light (@KaneZipperman)
ID: 3084673

9. This also isn’t the first time Kane has gone viral. He used to be known as “The Tiger Shirt Guy” from the 2013 Masters.

ID: 3084729

10. I guess some people just have that viral spark.

Can't believe I just hit 30k followers.... 3 days ago I only had 2,000. Its just crazy. Just proves that #CheatersGetNoLove.

— Bobby Light (@KaneZipperman)
ID: 3084669

11. For what it’s worth, Kane has posted updates from his ex, but not everyone is buying it.

Texting my Ex. #CheatersGetNoLove

— Bobby Light (@KaneZipperman)
ID: 3084792

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