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19 Ways Shoshanna From "Girls" Is An Inspiration

Shoshanna is not just the funniest thing on HBO's Girls, she is also the most inspiring. Obvi.

platinumjones 5 years ago

8 Of The Best IDGAF Celebrity Mugshots

The Justin Bieber mugshot has blown up Twitter as Biebs smiles his way through the snap. He's not the only celeb to give IDGAF vibes from their mugshot. We're looking at you Paris Hilton.

platinumjones 5 years ago

This Anchorwoman Blunder Is Ron Burgundy Levels Of Hilarious

Irish newsreader Sharon Ní Bheoláin was unimpressed with an interpretative dance troupe featured on RTÉ News and accidentally got her “You’ve got to be kidding” face on live TV. Oops.

platinumjones 5 years ago

13 Ways Lindsay Lohan Is An Instagram Expert

In just over 12 months she's already nailed every single Instagram trick. Including a shoutout to Ja'mie King.

platinumjones 5 years ago

9 Forgotten Pharrell Pop Gems You Must Hear

Pharrell Williams had a hand in two of 2013's biggest hits and this week his current solo smash "Happy" got an Oscar nomination. Here are 9 tracks he's been involved with that should have been huge. All of them are jams.

platinumjones 5 years ago

Could This Be The Greatest Celebrity Fitness Video Ever?

In 1993 Zsa Zsa Gabor released a workout video called "It's Simple Darling". It is probably the most fabulous and unintentionally hilarious workout plan you will ever see. Darlings. *blows kisses*

platinumjones 5 years ago

8 Ways To Make The Third "Sex And The City "Movie Amazing

Sarah Jessica Parker told InStyle magazine "A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell" of the Sex and the City story. Here's what'd we do to make third movie not suck.

platinumjones 5 years ago