8 Of The Best IDGAF Celebrity Mugshots

The Justin Bieber mugshot has blown up Twitter as Biebs smiles his way through the snap. He’s not the only celeb to give IDGAF vibes from their mugshot. We’re looking at you Paris Hilton.

1. Shia LaBeouf and his incredulous grin.

bitchdujour.com / Via Bitch Du Jour

That “whatever man” half-smile is the clincher.

2. Bruno Mars smiling his way through it all.

wordpress.com / Via Global Grind

Easy, breezy, Bruno Mars.

3. Reese Witherspoon serenely taking it all in.

papermag.com / Via Paper Mag

Talk about finding your zen.

4. Nicole Richie giving you a red carpet worthy double whammy.

azweird.com / Via AZWeird

The posing is perfect. Both times.

5. David Bowie with his retro mugshot.

blogger.com / Via Daisies and Dash

70s celebrity IDGAF-ness from a rock icon.

6. Khloe Kardashian and her sassy glare.

hollyscoop.com / Via Hollyscoop

Khloe is posing but all she can think is “How many scenes of our 12 reality shows do I have to film tomorrow?”

7. Paris Hilton and her knack for the carefree mugshot.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

You can almost hear her say “That’s hot” as she takes every shot.

8. Michael Jackson and his “Dont mess with me” stare.

pbs.twimg.com / Via Twitter / @TheRichardEric

That icy glare is pretty intimidating.

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