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13 Ways Lindsay Lohan Is An Instagram Expert

In just over 12 months she's already nailed every single Instagram trick. Including a shoutout to Ja'mie King.

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1. She's fond of a selife or two.

Nailed it.

2. Her signature finger in mouth pose is present and correct.

A Lindsay staple.

3. Inspirational quotes are a must.

*~*so inspiring***~**

4. Her "posing with famous people for a pic" game is incredible.

One word: MADONNA.

5. Throwback Thursday offers her ample bragging rights.

I mean, how many of us have a Meryl Streep picture to just throw up for our #TBT pics? NOT MANY.

6. Pictures of questionable looking food appear regularly.

This doesn't look very nice but if a dish isn't Instagrammed does it exist at all?

7. Artfully filtered shots from concerts are featured.

Bonus points for fitting the mixing desk in shot too.

8. She enjoys posting screengrabs of funny text messages.

We've all been there.

9. Her TV obsessions are there for us all to enjoy.

She's taken to using "Quiche" and "ily" a lot in her hashtags which makes us pray for some kind of Ja'Mie/Lilo team-up (Ja'mie creator Chris Lilley has already been tweeting with her).

10. She shows off her totally impressive Halloween costume.

Lindsay looks great as Carrie but it's still creepy enough to remind us of that ex-wife costume in Mean Girls.

11. Cute dogs are a must.

I mean this is The Internet after all.

12. She's not afraid to share social media mishaps.

(A) Who knew that Lindsay was on Tinder? (B) We're impressed she laughed off something as awkward as seeing your brother on a dating site.

13. She knows ultimately it's all about Mean Girls.

We're doing our best to avoid an obvious "so fetch" joke here. Honestly.

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