13 Ways Lindsay Lohan Is An Instagram Expert

In just over 12 months she’s already nailed every single Instagram trick. Including a shoutout to Ja’mie King.

1. She’s fond of a selife or two.

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Nailed it.

2. Her signature finger in mouth pose is present and correct.

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A Lindsay staple.

3. Inspirational quotes are a must.

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*~*so inspiring***~**

4. Her “posing with famous people for a pic” game is incredible.

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One word: MADONNA.

5. Throwback Thursday offers her ample bragging rights.

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I mean, how many of us have a Meryl Streep picture to just throw up for our #TBT pics? NOT MANY.

6. Pictures of questionable looking food appear regularly.

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This doesn’t look very nice but if a dish isn’t Instagrammed does it exist at all?

7. Artfully filtered shots from concerts are featured.

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Bonus points for fitting the mixing desk in shot too.

8. She enjoys posting screengrabs of funny text messages.

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We’ve all been there.

9. Her TV obsessions are there for us all to enjoy.

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She’s taken to using “Quiche” and “ily” a lot in her hashtags which makes us pray for some kind of Ja’Mie/Lilo team-up (Ja’mie creator Chris Lilley has already been tweeting with her).

10. She shows off her totally impressive Halloween costume.

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Lindsay looks great as Carrie but it’s still creepy enough to remind us of that ex-wife costume in Mean Girls.

11. Cute dogs are a must.

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I mean this is The Internet after all.

12. She’s not afraid to share social media mishaps.

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(A) Who knew that Lindsay was on Tinder? (B) We’re impressed she laughed off something as awkward as seeing your brother on a dating site.

13. She knows ultimately it’s all about Mean Girls.

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We’re doing our best to avoid an obvious “so fetch” joke here. Honestly.

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