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19 Ways Shoshanna From "Girls" Is An Inspiration

Shoshanna is not just the funniest thing on HBO's Girls, she is also the most inspiring. Obvi.

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1. She is always happy for friends. / Via HBO

2. The latest slang is no problem for her. / Via HBO / Tumblr

3. She loves a good pop culture reference. / Via HBO

4. She can pick up retro souvenirs and make friends jealous all at once. / Via HBO

5. Your hidden talents are obvious to her. / Via HBO

6. She can spot a liar with ease. / Via HBO

7. The internet is no mystery to her. / Via HBO

8. She strives to be classy. / Via HBO

9. She will call you out on your failures when it might be needed. / Via HBO

10. She is not afraid to ask the big questions. / Via HBO

11. Heartbreak is not a problem for her. / Via HBO

12. If you are meant to be a model, she will tell you. / Via HBO

13. She truly loves to see her friends.

14. She will happily tell it like it is. / Via HBO

15. Her love of a good pop jam is amazing. / Via HBO

16. She is unafraid to experience new things. / Via HBO

17. She is a strong woman. / Via HBO

18. Correct lighting is important to her. / Via HBO

19. She remains classy no matter what. / Via HBO

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