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Which TV Character Do You Want To Get Drunk With?

Wine with Olivia Pope, vodka with Karen Walker? You decide.

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Everyone longs for the perfect drinking buddy.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

Someone who knows how to have a good time and let loose for a while.

CBS / Via

But what if that drinking buddy could be a TV character?

Fox / Via

We've all had that curiosity.

NBC / Via

Just imagine taking two shots at a time with Donna Meagle.

So tell us: if you had the opportunity to drink with one person from TV...

AMC / Via

...Who would it be?

NBC / Via

I'd drink with Liz Lemon because we have the same taste in "funky juice," and she'd probably pay the tab for the mozzarella sticks.

(Funky Juice: Ice, white wine, and Sprite)
NBC / Via

(Funky Juice: Ice, white wine, and Sprite)

Post your desired TV drinking buddy below!

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