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    8 Ways To Make The Third "Sex And The City "Movie Amazing

    Sarah Jessica Parker told InStyle magazine "A part of me thinks there is one last chapter to tell" of the Sex and the City story. Here's what'd we do to make third movie not suck.

    1. Shorter Run Time / Via Warner Bros /

    Sex and the City 2 was "I could get my hair done, go for a slice of pizza and a power nap and this thing would still be playing long". It didn't need to be. A 90 minutes or less third film would be perfect. The show started as a comedy that could pack a self-contained story into less than 30 minutes. That sense of pacing needs to make a return.

    2. Clothes that feel like the characters / Via Warner Bros /

    The last film had some killer looks but it also felt like a non-stop fashion parade. The beauty of the clothes on the show was that they complimented the scene but didn't overpower it. We want more classic Carrie killer dresses and less focus on something eye popping and ridiculous in every scene. The look above from early on in Sex and the City 2 is a good example of how to get it right.

    3. More New York! / Via HBO

    Shows set in a specific location often fall apart when they venture out of there for too long. SATC 2 certainly fell victim to that with it's Abu Dubai jaunt. We don't want the girls going off on ridiculous adventures, we want to see them in the playground that is New York. It's their turf and a huge part of the show's visual style. A third film should let us drink up New York on screen once again.

    4. Less of Carrie being ridiculous / Via HBO

    We get the over the top manner of Carrie is part of her charm but Sex and the City 2 was pushing her character into vastly unlikeable territory. A third film should remind us that Carrie Bradshaw is cool and charismatic as much as she can be neurotic and ridiculous.

    5. Let the characters lead the way / Via HBO

    Instead of clunky set pieces and melodrama a third film should give us what we love, the girls gabbing over endless lunches with witty one-liners. Surely there's some good "Instagramming your lunch" gags to be made?

    6. Embrace the digital age

    Just because the ladies are older and Carrie hates her cellphone/technology in general (the first film made a big deal of her dislike of both) doesn't mean the show can't play around with Tinder, sexting and other modern-day dating trends. Surely Samantha would be the first to hop on a dating app to look for a good time?

    7. Killer one-liners / Via HBO

    Sex and the City has almost become a parody of itself now but a third film could win us all over with a script chock full of killer lines. We'll even take a few of Carrie's signature puns.

    8. Remind us why we fell in love with Sex and the City in the first place

    Sex and the City went from smart comedy series to cultural phenomenon and in the process some of the charm started to disappear. It became a series that was as easy to make fun of as it was to enjoy.

    But once you strip away the tours of New York City, the endless magazine spreads on Carrie Bradshaw's style and guff about Cosmopolitans you had a smart, witty, female driven show that celebrated female friendship. That's still a rarity in both film and television.

    Films like Gravity and Saving Mr Banks have shown that not just young women's stories are needed on screen but can also flourish, whose to say a smart, well-paced Sex and the City movie couldn't go past the hype and hit that sweet spot once more? It's the least Carrie and co. deserve.