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Imprisoned Orca Is Being Sent Hundreds Of Letters So She Won't Be Lonely On Valentine's Day

After spending 30 Valentine's Days confined and alone, Lolita, the "world's loneliest orca," is receiving love letters from people all over the world.

PETA 4 years ago

13 Ways Eating Meat Hurts People You’ve Never Met Before

The ramifications go far beyond the walls of your house.

PETA 5 years ago

7 Vegan Words You're Saying Wrong

It's hard to talk like a vay-gun.

PETA 5 years ago

PETA's New Super Bowl Ad: 'Don't Be That Guy'

This is NOT how you make a first impression.

PETA 5 years ago

The Documentary "Blackfish" Is Causing More Major Problems For SeaWorld

This week alone, the controversy's ripple effect led to arrests and shook up a couple of publications. (UPDATE)

Jordan Zakarin 5 years ago

Go Behind The Scenes With Olympian Nick Symmonds And His Buddy, Mortimer (for PETA)

PETA's photo shoot with Olympian Nick Symmonds and his rabbit, Mortimer, included so many cute moments that we just had to share some of them! Check out these behind-the-scenes photos with Nick and Mortimer:

PETA 5 years ago

Egg Industry Declares War On Eggless Eggs

The American Egg Board is buying paid search terms against a buzzy new egg alternative company in a bid to protect its lucrative turf.

Rachel Sanders 5 years ago

21 Astonishing Animal Facts We Learned In 2013

Number 14 proves that science is drunk.

PETA 5 years ago

Plans For SeaWorld Float In Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Spark Protests

PETA and other animal-rights activists are outraged that a float celebrating SeaWorld's 50th anniversary is scheduled to appear in the Thanksgiving parade.

Megan Paolone 5 years ago

13 GIFs That Will Destroy What You Know About Seafood

This is how lobsters and crabs get to our plates. It isn't pretty.

PETA 6 years ago

The 5 Vegan Recipes Every 'Seafood' Lover Needs

You won't believe how realistic these compassionate recipes are.

PETA 6 years ago

10 Vegan Dishes That Will Have You Questioning Your Beliefs In Animal Products

Classic comfort foods you won't believe are completely devoid of any meat, dairy, or eggs. So scrumptious. So vegan.

Sandra Canosa 6 years ago

27 Vegan "Leather" Accessories Your Wardrobe Needs

You don't have to have a special diet to love cute shoes!

Angela Vitello 6 years ago

The 24 Things Every Vegan Knows To Be True

Because we're sooooooooo smart…

PETA 6 years ago

The 12 Types Of Vegans

Do you know one of these? Are you one of these?

PETA 6 years ago

19 Signs You've Been Vegan Too Long

This post is dedicated to anyone who's ever sprinkled nutritional yeast on their popcorn.

Jack Shepherd 6 years ago

Ryan Gosling Wants To Save All The Cows

BRB, crying for all the cows and cheering Ryan on for saving them. What a flawless humanitarian activist person.

Matt Stopera 6 years ago

Condom Bowl I: The Overpopulation Crisis

You asked to see giant condoms coaching teams of adorable puppies, and that's exactly what you got.

PETA 6 years ago

19 Delicious Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Hey it turns out that the Super Bowl is TODAY! You will need something to eat, as will your vegan friends.

Jack Shepherd 6 years ago

33 Guys Who Have Gone Naked For PETA

PETA's known for its use of scantily clad women in advertising, but many famous men have also showed skin for the animal rights group. These are some of those men.

PETA 6 years ago