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    21 Astonishing Animal Facts We Learned In 2013

    Number 14 proves that science is drunk.

    1. Alligators and crocodiles use sticks to lure prey.


    So next time you see a stick in the water, LEAVE IT THERE.

    2. Dung beetles use celestial clues to navigate in the dark.

    That's why you never see dung beetles asking for directions.

    3. This orca pod feeds their injured family member.


    This article told the story of an orca family that cares for a young orca who is missing two fins and cannot hunt for food.

    4. Mountain goats have superpowers.


    That's the only way I can explain these pictures.

    5. Dogs can tell if another dog is friendly by the direction that their tail wags in.

    We judge by #SWAG, they judge by a wag.

    6. Marmosets have conversations that sound strikingly human.


    Cool! Now, about those haircuts …

    7. A dog in Philadelphia escaped the local humane society by opening his own kennel door, then two REGULAR DOORS.

    8. Dogs' brains are shockingly similar to humans'.

    Flickr: superfantastic / Via

    The first step of this study was to teach the dogs to sit still in an MRI machine.

    9. Rats laugh when you tickle them.


    But they hate knock-knock jokes, so don't even try. Source.

    10. Turtles can breathe through their butts.

    Flickr: ballena / Via

    Breath mint? No?

    11. Bees communicate by dancing.

    Flickr: 24365787@N08 / Via

    So don't argue with a bee unless you want to GET SERVED.

    12. Cows have BFFs.

    And separating them stresses them out.

    13. Animals cry, too.

    And it's the saddest thing ever.

    14. Small animals process time in slow motion.

    THAT'S why they can run so many errands in one day.

    15. Birds eavesdrop to stay safe from predators.

    And also, you know, to hear the best gossip.

    16. Bonobos are 98.7 percent human.


    Right down to losing their hair. More pics.

    17. Gardiner frogs listen with their mouths.

    18. Birds learn local human speed limits.

    Because they just can't afford a ticket right now.

    19. Some fish create underwater "crop circles" to attract mates.

    OR COULD IT BE ALIENS?? (No, it could not. Source.)

    20. Dolphins remember the sounds of another dolphin for more than 20 years.


    Take that, elephants!

    21. Spiders have individual personality traits.

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