13 GIFs That Will Destroy What You Know About Seafood

This is how lobsters and crabs get to our plates. It isn’t pretty.

NSFW: these GIFs are graphic and will make you flip your desk in a rage.

1. First, lobsters have their claws ripped off.

2. Then their heads are ripped off their bodies …

3. … before their tails are torn off.

4. And let’s not forget this step.

5. The dismembered lobsters’ heads and abdomens are dumped into a bin …

6. … where their antennae and legs writhe even after they have been torn apart.

7. If that weren’t enough, a man jumps on the pile of animals.

8. Crabs are violently smashed onto metal spikes.

9. This is done to rip off their top shells.

10. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

11. Their internal organs are scrubbed off by spinning brushes.

12. Then they are slowly lowered into a vat of boiling water.

13. When all this is happening—and even after it happens—the animals are still alive, as these workers will gladly point out:

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