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The 12 Types Of Vegans

Do you know one of these? Are you one of these?

The Cheating Vegan

"I just couldn't resist the craving."

The Junk Food Vegan

"It's so weird but I've actually gained weight since going vegan."

The Instagramming Vegan

"DON'T EAT! I have to Instagram this!"

The Vegan Police

"Is that sugar made with bone char?"

The New Vegan

"So, like, can I still eat peanut butter?"

The Raw Vegan

"The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live."

The Jacked Vegan

"Powered by tofu."

The Doesn't Get it Vegan

"I'm vegan except for milk in my coffee, fish, the occasional BLT, cheese, and ice cream."

The Hippie Vegan

"Don't eat a cow, man."

The Middle-of-Nowhere Vegan

"One Big Mac, hold the meat, hold the cheese."

The PETA Vegan

"Meat is murder. Dairy is rape."

The Hipster Vegan

"I was vegan before it was cool."