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    Imprisoned Orca Is Being Sent Hundreds Of Letters So She Won't Be Lonely On Valentine's Day

    After spending 30 Valentine's Days confined and alone, Lolita, the "world's loneliest orca," is receiving love letters from people all over the world.

    Meet Lolita—she's a beautiful orca who is 20 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds.


    She was captured and torn away from her family pod at the age of 4.

    Wallie Funk / Via

    Lolita has spent the last 44 years at Miami Seaquarium in the smallest orca tank in North America performing mindless tricks.

    Lolita having her face stood on at the Miami Seaquarium.

    This tiny tank is so small that it even violates the Animal Welfare Act's minimum size requirements.

    Orca Network / Via

    Her former tankmate, Hugo, is believed to have committed suicide after repeatedly smashing his head into the walls of the tank.

    Maudorca / Via Flickr: maudorca

    Since Hugo's death, Lolita has spent the past 30 Valentine's Days without another of her kind—with no one to talk to and no one to love.


    This is so heartbreaking that PETA decided to make Lolita its valentine and created a Love Letters for Lolita Facebook event.


    On this event page, people all around the globe can make the world's loneliest orca a little less lonely by posting their love letter in support of her.

    Iris Toren / Via Facebook: events

    Not unexpectedly, these letters have turned out to be extremely heartfelt.

    Julie Graham / Via Facebook: events

    Especially some of the handwritten letters that have been made with so much love.

    Tiffany P Rose / Via Facebook: events

    This little boy got straight to the point in his letter.

    Tiffany Rose / Via Facebook: events

    There are many adorable handcrafted valentines created for Lolita.

    Nina Kahn / Via Facebook: events

    And some sad valentines as well.

    Kate Hendrickson / Via Facebook: events

    There's even a whole group of kindergartners who have banded together to write valentines for Lolita!

    Lee Moore Crawford / Via Facebook: events

    And one PETA activist even created a text-in number for people to tell Miami Seaquarium that they want Lolita to be freed!

    Justin Lessner / Via Facebook: events

    Some people wrote letters from the perspective of Lolita's family.

    Maria Machado / Via Facebook: events

    These are THE SADDEST

    Some people's animal companions even chimed in with their furry little voices.

    Heather Faraid / Via Facebook: events

    Like this adorable black Lab from Kansas who wishes Lolita could be rescued just as she was.

    Michael Hammers / Via Facebook: events


    Many apologized for the terrible things that humans have done and continue to do to orcas.

    Angela Henderson / Via Facebook: events

    A lot of letters touched on the frustration of just how small Lolita's prison is.

    Rose Bresnahan / Via Facebook: events

    Wild orcas swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild. Imagine how many laps that would take in this.

    One thing is clear: There are a lot of people fighting for Lolita's freedom.

    Amy Neumayer / Via Facebook: events

    Some of these wonderful people go and speak up for Lolita week after week.

    Alejandro Ariel / Via Facebook: events

    Because it's only right that Lolita should spend Valentine's Day at home with her own kind.

    Julie Ekwall / Via Facebook: events

    You can still show your support for the #FreeLolita campaign by posting your Love Letter for Lolita or asking Miami Seaquarium to do the right thing and retire her from performing pointless tricks like this.


    Because nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like someone sitting on your face.

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