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21 Celebrities That Prove Left-Handed People Are By Far The Sexiest

The left side is the right side.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

You've seen this hand in: The Hunger Games, Winter's Bone, and Silver Linings Playbook

This hand probably has an insurance policy for 10 million dollars and is probably super clumsy. It's also touched Oscar gold!

2. Hugh Jackman

You've seen this hand in: X-Men, Les Misérables, and The Wolverine

Without that dominant left claw, how else do you think Wolverine would have kicked so much ass so efficiently? Thumbs up to you Mr. Jackman.

3. Lady Gaga

This hand has held mics on: The Fame, The Fame Monster, and Artpop

Mama Monster puts her paws up one left hand at a time. No left hand has never been so consistently manicured and glowing since Gaga came on the scene.

4. Angelina Jolie

You've seen this hand in: Maleficent, Salt, and Changeling

This hand is not only attached to a beautiful woman, it also gets to go home and touch a beautiful man. What a cruel world.

5. Mark Wahlberg

You've seen this hand in: Calvin Klein ads, The Departed, and The Fighter

You know Marky Mark is still grabbin' that Calvin Klein package with his left hand. It's possibly one of the luckiest hands in Hollywood.

6. Niall Horan

This hand has held mics on: Up All Night, Four, and Midnight Memories

Pointing towards one direction must always be done with the left arm. Any other way is just plain disrespectful.

7. Ricky Martin

This hand has held mics on: A Medio Vivir, A Quien Quiera Escuchar, and Almas de Silencio

Deuces! Ricky himself likes to adorn his prized hand with a nice pinky ring, because everyone should dress their left hand up every now and again.

8. Joshua Jackson

You've seen this hand in: Dawson's Creek, Fringe, and Cruel Intentions

Thank God Mr. Jackson didn't damage that hand while filming Mighty Ducks. His career may not have ever been the same.

9. Jeremy Renner

You've seen this hand in: The Avengers, The Hurt Locker, and American Hustle

Captain America is great and all, but Hawkeye has a super power that separates him from all others... left-handedness!

10. Zoe Saldana

You've seen this hand in: Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Trek

That serpent protects Zoe from all the righties in the world. It's not like she needs it, she's a badass all her own.

11. Freddie Prinze Jr.

You've seen this hand in: Scooby-Doo, She's All That, and I Know What You Did Last Summer

He's got quite the grip for such a gentle prinze. You bet your ass Fred is left-handed!

12. Ed Westwick

You've seen this hand in: Gossip Girl, Children of Men, and J. Edgar

Girl, that hand is all people are gossiping about. Being dressed with what's probably a million dollar watch makes this hand even more valuable than it already is.

13. Prince William

You've seen this hand in: The British Monarchy

Lorde may say she's not a royal, but that's because she's a righty. This royal however knew alcohol is most secure in the grip of the left hand.

14. Kate Hudson

You've seen this hand in: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Almost Famous, and Glee

This is the Kate that Prince William should have actually married. The world could have used two royal lefties.

15. Scarlett Johansson

You've seen this hand in: Lost in Translation, The Avengers, and Lucy

Nobody can kick ass like Scarlett can. Why is that? Well one, she's Scarlett, and two, that left hand throws quite the powerful punch.

16. Zachary Quinto

You've seen this hand in: Star Trek, Margin Call, and Heroes

Only a left hand that nerdy could shape such pristine eyebrows AND make the Vulcan salute so effortlessly. Quinto forever.

17. Naya Rivera

You've seen this hand in: Glee, Devious Maids, and The Bernie Mac Show

That left hand has probably had to wipe pencil lead off once or twice, but it cleans up so well! It must be full of glee to be attached to such a beauty.

18. Joey Lawrence

You've seen this hand in: Melissa and Joey, Blossom, and Half & Half

There's no doubt that Joey probably has one of the softest and most decked out left hands in Hollywood. I guess left-handedness runs in any of the Lawrence families.

19. Ana de la Reguera

You've seen this hand in: Nacho Libre, Cowboys and Aliens, and Backyard

You may not have been able to see her hand during The Book of Life, but there is no doubt that her hand gives you all sorts of life!

20. Barack Obama

You've seen this hand in: The White House

Yes, the leader of the free world is sexy, and OF COURSE he's left-handed because why shouldn't he be?

21. Kermit the Frog

You've seen this hand in: The Muppet Show, Sam and Friends, and Sesame Street

Even one of the greatest muppets of all time is a leftie, but, that's none of my business. *sips tea*