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    32 Things For Kids That Could Be Useful For Adults Too

    Age is nothing but a number and a social construct.

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    1. A set of magical waterproof fairy lights to hang on your walls or curtains so any room will instantly be transformed into a dazzling aesthetic fairy den.

    2. A pack of cat-shaped sticky notes that you can use as bookmarks, memos, or reminders. These cuties will always be here to help!

    3. A heart-touching and comforting Winnie the Pooh vintage-style art print that'll remind you that good days are always ahead.

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods

    4. A gorgeous Frozen 2 16-piece dining collection kids will love to eat on — plus, it looks so elegant you'll want to break it out to show off during every meal you can.

    the pretty blue set

    5. A Nancy Drew hardcover boxset or a retro set of classic Goosebumps books to take yourself back to middle school and remind yourself how you used to devour these books. Bring your inner reader back!

    6. A laser projector the kid version of you would've probably gone bonkers for back then. With the stars and swirling skies, it'll make any room in your home relaxing and soothing, especially if you've had a hard day. And movie nights? Those will get a lot more magical with this!

    reviewer photo of the blue stars and night sky from the projector

    7. A Kiki's Delivery Service illustrated Jiji journal so lovely you'll be enticed into actually maintaining your journaling habit rather than dropping it. Plus, when not writing, it doubles as cute desk decor, especially if you're a Ghibli fan.

    the journal

    8. These Colors of the World crayons you can use when sitting down with your meditative adult coloring book. Who said coloring was just for kids? Plus, art with inclusivity? Even better.

    A 24-pack of crayons designed to match skin tones from around the world

    9. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, a poignantly beautiful book that people of all ages will love honestly. It explores unlikely friendship and life’s universal lessons, and reminds you to be kind to yourself and have hope — especially during trying times. The story is handwritten and features over 100 sweet drawings!

    10. A Pixar-inspired popcorn machine so that the next time you need popcorn for your Pixar marathon, you can reach for this! It's a fun way to make your popcorn, why should kids get all the fun from this?

    the machine

    11. A squishy portable night-light you'll love if you need a replacement for your bedside lamp or actually need a night-light for your late night reading, because, well, look at it! With seven colors and light modes, and that cute little face, this is a hundred times better than those "sophisticated" (read: boring) night-lights marketed to only adults. Plus, you can take it with you when you travel!

    12. A 100% natural geode kit because what's better for dealing with stress than literally breaking rocks? The crystals inside are just the cherry on top!

    hand holds up open geode

    13. A three-pack of modeling dough with plant-based ingredients — not only does this bring back nostalgia but also gets you immersed into art in a literal hands-on way! Mold anything, make some decor for your work station, the possibilities are endless. Plus, some shipments come with stickers!

    14. A miniature baking set so you can whip up adorable bite-sized meals whenever you fancy! It's something kids and adults alike will coo over and fans of Tiny Kitchen will def love this. Plus, if you're a science nerd, you'll love this even more — the included booklet explains the real science behind every recipe so geek out!

    teeny-tiny slice of cake on hand

    15. These mess-free paint sticks so you can paint to your heart's content without all the mess that comes along with it! It's a great way to relax and maybe even try out a new hobby.

    16. Or these double-tipped animal highlighters that'll make journaling, scrapbooking, and any kind of writing a lot more colorful. Your notes and lists will be so much more fun to read!

    17. A very neat and handy National Geographic wood model kit to get your hands and brain busy during quarantine.

    A wood model kit of a mars rover

    18. A Yoshi egg bath bomb with a big surprise inside that both child and adult will be sure to love because there's no age for being a Mario fan. The figurine makes great desk decor! And I know you need a relaxing bath right about now. This fun bath bomb will be the perfect excuse for some self-care!

    various nintendo character figures in front of yoshi egg bath bomb

    19. A giant 1-pound bag of marshmallows to have at your disposal the next time you're craving marshmallows in your hot chocolate — or even in your cereal! Are we supposed to be boring once we grow up? We deserve marshmallows in our cereal too.

    reviewer cradles large bag of marshmallows

    20. A handcrafted all-natural soap bar in the shape of a cute animal. Because they're made for kids, the ingredients like butters and olive, lavender and coconut oils means that each one is moisturizing and safe enough to use on your whole body and face! Perf for sensitive skin.

    the assortment of colorful animal soaps

    21. The cutest hand-painted porcelain trinket dish purr-fect for all your rings, studs, and little things.

    three heart shaped dishes with a blue illustrated cat on each

    22. These cute squishy toys for squeezing when you need to distract yourself.

    The mini animal-shaped squishies

    23. A striking and therapeutic etching book so you can unwind by scratching away the lines with the provided tool to reveal colorful flowers, plants, and animals like magic. You get to decide how much detail and color you want to etch!

    a page from the book, showing a before and after of a garden art piece

    24. A mini waffle maker that'll whip up cute heart-shaped waffles so you can start breakfast with a dose of love and smiles or show off your love for the person you make them for...meaning yourself, of course 😊).

    25. A writing book that'll give you over 600 little prompts that range from incredulous to witty so whenever you need a spark of inspiration or want to practice expressing yourself better through writing, you can turn to this.

    the cover

    26. These no-tie lock laces so you can walk and run without worrying about tripping over untied laces ever again! All your sneakers will become slip-on sneakers now — just slip 'em on and go!

    before and after showing combat boots with lock laces vs standard laces

    27. A duck bath mat that's not only cute but will keep you from slipping in the tub, which none of us want.

    the duck bath mat in a bathtub

    28. A very helpful and friendly cat-shaped note dispenser that looks like it could also be your therapist. Even when you're having a bad day, you'll have something to smile about.

    the holder holding a pad of sticky notes

    29. A way too cute flash drive for happily storing all your precious memories in a safe place.

    the flashdrive shaped like a traditional Japanese wooden doll in a kimono

    30. A bottle of talc-free Burt's Bees baby powder because it's soothing and keeps your skin soft, smooth, and dry. Its for-babies formula means it's safe enough for more ~adult~ uses, like setting makeup, sprinkling in your hair as dry shampoo, freshening your underarms, and more!

    31. A pack of suction cup cat phone holders that'll be very happy to hold your phone at a moment's notice!

    the cat holders holding a phone

    32. A tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste — it contains zinc oxide, which is great for diaper rash but can also be used for minor burns, cuts, and chafed and chapped skin. Yay for baby-friendly formulas!

    the tube

    These are all quite useful, don't you think?

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