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13 Beauty Trends From 2016 That Will Make You Question Everything

2016: The year makeup was just as confusing as the rest of the world.

1. It was a year of wild and wonderful hair, including denim hair, glow-in-the-dark hair, gray ombre hair, and even hair inspired by famous paintings.

2. Some folks even got sneaky with it, sporting hidden color and intricate undercuts.

3. Whimsical looks like glitter tears, galaxy makeup, and mermaid crowns were huge...

(Are mermaid crowns a beauty trend or a fashion trend? How do I even keep up?)

4. ...and rainbows were everywhere, from brows to lashes and even freckles.

5. It was the year of over-the-top highlighter, including rainbow, tie-dye, and pizza ones that people couldn't get enough of...

6. ...and an allover-highlighter makeup look we should probably enjoy one more time before year's end.

7. How could I forget genitalia-inspired higlighter? And lipdicks, too.

8. Snapchat-inspired makeup was everywhere from YouTube to the runways at New York Fashion Week.

9. Makeup moved beyond the face...

This year saw creative Instagrammers impressively practicing eyeshadow looks on their hands and legs, as well as ear makeup sported both on the runway and IRL.

10. did traditionally face-oriented skin care. See: boob sheet masks.

11. Nail art became more accessible for everyone thanks to products like spray-on polish and tags like #malepolish...

12. ...but also got more complicated with trends like fur nails, pom-pom nails, and even scorpion nails.

*Visibly shudders*

13. And finally, Cheetos, balloon, and other kinds of seemingly unnecessarily difficult curl "hacks" were huge for some reason.

Don't get me wrong, everyone's hair does end up looking great. It's just, you know, tampons are expensive. Maybe it's best to keep them for their original purpose?

Here's to an equally fabulous — but not nearly as complicated — 2017.

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